Berlin: Liebig34 must stay!

We are Liebig 34, a self-organised anarcha queer feminist house project in Berlin-Friedrichshain made of different collectives: the Infoladen Daneben, the-queer-feminist living-project Liebig34 and the queer feminist eventspace L34-Bar. 40 people from all over the world with different backgrounds and gender identities collectively live together whitout cis-men, trying to create a “safer political space“ without hierarchies, a space where we try to develop, extend and exert anti-patriarchal practices, where we reflect power structures, privileges and where we empower each other.
Liebig 34 was squatted in 1990 and later legalized like many other houses in east-Berlin. After the failed attempt to buy the house collectively, a contract was made for 10 years.

Now, december 2018, our contract is coming to an end.

Our house, like over 200 others around Friedrichshain, is owned by Gijora Padovicz and his company Siganadia Grundbesitz GmbH, famous for the systematic buying, eviction and destruction of houses and houseprojects for commercial profit in detriment of affordable housing spaces for all. [Read More]

Berlin: Liebig34 – news about the future of the project


After months of negotiations whith the landlord G.Padovicz the inhabitants of Liebig 34 as well as the XB-collective and the infoshop „Daneben“ decided to accept a leasing contract for the next 10 years. Already in summer the inhabitants of L34 tried to buy the sixth and last part of the house in Liebigstr.34 ( the last part that Padovicz did not yet own), whithout success.Padovicz bought the last part of the house and whith this he finally was the owner of Liebig 34. Over and over again the inhabitants tried to negotiate contracts, but negotiations always failed because of unacceptable conditions or too high prices per square meter. Finally negotiations succeeded, and the inhabitants of L34, the infoshop- and the XB-collective decided to sign a leasing contract for the next 10 years. The contract started on the jan. 1st, 2009. That means that as long as Liebig 34 is accepting the conditions of the contract, the situation of the three collectives will be stable. Still this contract doesnt secure the house for ever, but only for the next years. The decision to accept this contract was not easy for us.

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Berlin: Liebig34 stays !

The house project Liebig34 in Friedrichshain, Berlin is one of the last existing autonomous and separatistic women, lesbian and transgender collective in Europe.

The political infoshop Daneben as well as the bar-collective XB-Liebig both uncommercial and self-organized spaces, are also located in the same building.

Squatted in 1991 and later legalized, the house still affirms itself as an autonomous and radical place active in the scene.

The Liebig34 has existed for 17 years. The house is internationally known, being an important meeting point for the emancipatory-feminist scene in Berlin.

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