Amsterdam: Squat on Rokin evicted after celebration of one year of Takland

Takland is a year older and we celebrate! With resistance in the form of squatting a new building. After a year full of action, discussion, movies and parties, this new addition to the alley will be the revolutionary art of Amsterdam again. The new squatted building (ground floor Rokin 104) on the corner of Taksteeg/Rokin had been vacant for years and has the same owner (Axel P Nielsen BV) as the already squatted Taksteeg 6.

The police didn’t want to hear anything about it, after promising at 19:00 on Friday that they will not evict, they came later in the evening at 23:30 during our festival with 10 riot cops vans, dog brigade, popo on horses and BraTra to show their teeth. An illegal eviction in Amsterdam, which has not happened since the squatting of the Waldeck Pyrmonkade in January 2022.

Since there were many more of them, resistance was minimal, a few people were beaten and the gear was saved.

In times of right-wing populism, genocides, repression and the prevalence of capital over the people, we have also witnessed the growth of the Amsterdam movement, in the form of uprisings, occupations and more squats than we have seen in years. A lot of people in this city want a different discourse, a more just world, and Takland just want to be part of that. We fight for an autonomous place in the city, where we can discuss, build, fight, live, learn and party. A place from which we can fight against the infrastructures of war and capital and offer a home to idealism and freedom.

This new place was named Tikland and would function as a social center next to the two other squatted buildings (Takland, Taksteeg 6 and Tekland, Rokin 108) in the street. We immediately started with a 3-day festival, which continued in Takland after the eviction. We have invited everyone who is angry and wants to participate in our program.

A new edition of the Takkrant (our own newspaper) has been released, available at Taksteeg 6 ! For alternative media!

Takland Vrijstraat
Taksteeg 6
1012BP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
takland [at] riseup [dot] net

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