Barcelona: El Kubo, La Ruina and Estudi 9 social centers defend themselves against three simultaneous evictions

The courts of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Barcelona have aligned themselves with the Catalan police to proceed today, November 30, with the construction work of three buildings belonging to Sareb and an investment company based in Luxembourg.

In a joint statement issued by El Kubo y La Ruina from Barcelona’s Bonanova and by Estudi 9 from the old town of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, it is announced that this Thursday, November 30, “our houses are trenches”… They consider that the suspension of the previous eviction date of the Colomense building was an “attempt to divide our struggle”, but they advance that “it will be expensive for them, we know how to play our own strategies”. [Read More]

Amsterdam: two buildings squatted next to Nieuwmarkt

We squatted two buildings in light of the Housing Crisis, International Day against Sexist and Sexual Violence, in solidarity with our Palestinian comrades, and we express our anger about fascism taking over the Netherlands.

We revealed two squatted buildings on 22 November, at Krom Boomssloot 45 and 47, in light of the need for housing for our comrades and our sisters.

In light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November, it is crucial and a priority to open housing where women can feel safer, where we can find each other and grow our resistance together. [Read More]

Barcelona: La Ruïna and el Kubo will not die

We will turn our house into a battlefield, el Kubo and the Ruïna will not fall. See you on November 30 at 5:30 a.m. in Uri Caballero square, Vallcarca metro station in Barcelona. If el Kubo and La Ruïna fall, the neighborhood will burn down. OKUPA Y RESISTE!

Statement made in February 2023, La Ruïna and el Kubo threatened with eviction:

Our squats are trenches.
Here we go, on March 23 they are going to try to evict us. In 2016, an office building was squatted for the first time in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood and we called it El Kubo. The Kubo has been the home and place of passage of more than a hundred people in the more than 6 years that it has been in existence. This has been the home and trench of many people. It has been an oasis of resistance in the bourgeois quarter of Barcelona for many years and this has not been easy. “Squat and resist” defines the history of the Kubo very well. During all these years we have faced two evictions and the constant siege of extreme right-wing groups, capitalist press and political parties. And despite the hostilities we have reoccupied and resisted this house all this time. [Read More]

Amsterdam: two houses owned by Blackstone squatted during the ADEV demo

No free spaces without a free Palestine

Amsterdam, October 21st – We have squatted these 2 buildings (Prinsengracht 804 et 806), despite the city’s (and the police’s) best attempts to make it very difficult, because we believe that ADEV(Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor – Amsterdam dances for something)’s call to ‘disown stupid property’ is a call to action.

These buildings, owned and left empty by a massive american investment firm called Blackstone, some (though not all) of whose crimes you can read on the banner, are definitely, by all definitions, stupid property. But we want to stress that, in a capitalist system that puts corporate giants over human life and dignity, ALL PROPERTY IS STUPID AND ALL PROPERTY IS THEFT. [Read More]

Berlin (Germany): Barricades and stones for the anniversary of Liebig34 eviction

Housing is not a commodity! Two apartments in the Liebig14 expropriated

“We will not surrender. And even if they drag us out of our homes. We will return. And we will take back what is taken from us.”
Words from the Liebig34 on October 9, 2020, at 04:00 am.

Exactly three years ago today, on October 9, 2020, the anarcha queer feminist project Liebig34 was evicted. More than twelve years ago, on February 2, 2011, the house project Liebig14 was evicted. The evictions were attacks on our struggles to shape our lives and places of living in a self-determined way and from below. They were attacks on our collective organizing against sexist violence and capitalist patriarchy.

Exactly today, on October 9, 2023, we expropriated two vacant apartments in Liebig14. We declare them common property of the neighborhood. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): The building of social centre Zizania has just been resquatted

October 14th, 2023: Today we resquatted Zizania

For the past two years the building on Fylis & Feron has been a squatted social centre where collectives and individuals from the neighborhood and around struggled for a more collective and more free life.

We resquatted the building to continue the fight against gentrification and for free public space. We resquatted as we see the constant rise of rents, the conversion of the city to a field of consumption and of our houses into Airbnbs, the violent confinement of our migrant-neighbors in detention centers and camps, and the rise the rise of a cop culture that reaffirms all the above. [Read More]

Greece: Two months of repression against antiauthoritarian squats and social spaces

About the recently attacks over the last 2 months by the Greek police State on the anarchist antiauthoritarian squats “self-managed hangouts” and social spaces.

At dawn on Friday 25 August, 2023 cop forces of all kinds surround and evacuate the squats “self-managed hangout Ano Kato Patision” (since 1996)… [Read More]

Ljubljana: news from the displaced anarcha community of Mačjak

On ruins.

Parmova 1312 is gone. it has been more than a month since the first machinery arrived. walls, rooftops and furniture are by now all grinded to dust and scattered around the lot.
We (Mačjak) did not know the exact date when they would demolish our part. Nonetheless, we organised an eviction fest, one last collective gathering with the aim to give away everything we had not been able to move to the other spaces and celebrate all that had happened in the times before. Our squat was still standing the day after the eviction fest. and the next. A fence was mounted around us, but our building remained intact. meanwhile, in Athens, two squats were evicted – Ano Kato and Zizania. In solidarity, we raised a banner against gentrification, evictions and for the creation of new squats in our deserted space. [Read More]

Amsterdam: news from Vossiusstraat 16

Why there are no public events anymore, comment on Volozh’s statement against the war

Soon Vossiusstraat 16 will have existed for one year!
During the last few months, many changes happened. We won the court case and its appeal and this stability allowed us to make this house our home. While the doors of Vossiusstraat 16 were initially open, there have not been any public events in the past few months. This statement is here to explain why that is.
We will also comment on a statement issued by the owner of Vossiusstraat 16, Russian oligarch Arkady Volozh, where he claims he is against the war.

Why we don’t organize public events anymore

When the Vossisstraat 16 squat opened, we decided that it would be both a place to house ourselves and new people and a social space where anyone who wants can come and organise. Many discussions, benefit evenings, meetings, workshops, and more initiatives took place at Vossiusstraat over the span of several months. We really appreciate the fact that so many people were able to use the building and that Vossiusstraat 16 could be a place for political organising and for people to meet.
However, for the past few months, there have not been any public events organised at Vossiusstraat 16. This is a decision we took in response to the verdict of the appeals court. [Read More]

Amsterdam: Time Travelers Hotel, new squat on Rokin 108

Time travelers arrived a couple months in Amsterdam to usher in a new era of activism and change. They have been publishing newspapers, running amok, and resurrecting the inherited tradition of the Hi-Ha Happenings originally started by the Provos in the sixties. After the success of the first Happening, during which the structure that eats away at the lives of ordinary folk was denounced and partially dismantled through ritual and magic, a second Hi-Ha Happening took place on the 29th of September.

This Happening was a constructive one, in counterpart to it’s destructive predecessor. This came to a climax when at the end of the Happening a new squat was announced: the Time Travelers Hotel. The following statement was made during the revealing, and is thus made public for all those who experience a like minded sense of time-dysmorphia, unrest, urge for change, and willingness to provoke and be provoked. [Read More]

Amsterdam: Nieuwe Leliestraat 70 squatted

Some time ago we squatted Nieuwe Leliestraat 70. We stayed there silently until 23.09.2023 after which we revealed our new home to the neighborhood. The building is owned by the social housing company Ymere, which has left it to rot unused for more than six years. It was previously squatted in 2020, but was quickly evicted, after which Ymere left it unoccupied again. We believe it is a disgrace to leave such a beautiful big house empty in the midst of a housing crisis, so we moved in.

Our new neighbors told us that the building next door used to also be social housing owned by Ymere until they renovated it and sold it privately. We suspect that they would have liked to do the same with our new home. This is something that happens often; there are 53,000 fewer social houses in Amsterdam now than there were in 2003. Meanwhile the demand for affordable housing grows every year. [Read More]

Amsterdam: 18 years Pretoriusstraat 43 and Joe’s Garage

On September 25, 2005, Pretoriusstraat 43 was squatted by the Amsterdam-Oost squatting group as a protest against long-term vacancy, criminal money laundering practices and real estate speculation.
For 18 years the house has been a place for a living group on the upper floors, and in 2008, after 3 years of residence and the eviction of Pretoriusstraat 28, Joe’s Garage moved to the Pretoriusstraat 43 ground floor.
The Amsterdam-Oost squatting group has now been present in the Pretoriusstraat for more than 20 years. Joe’s Garage is a political / social center, run by a broad volunteer collective. Independent, in solidarity and non-profit. A place where the ‘cold wind from the market’ does not blow, a meeting place for many.
Joe’s is also 18 years old, with more than 1800 (people’s) kitchens (Voku’s), more than 1000 openings of the give-away shop, countless film evenings, music performances, language cafes, the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and of course, every Tuesday evening for 18 years, the housing / squatting assistance hour (KSU Oost) for help & info. [Read More]