Santurtzi: Demonstration, create, support and defend squatting

With this short text, we would like to invite you to the demonstration that will take place on November 28th at 12:30 from the Kultur Etxea de Mamariga in Santurtzi.

Because of the media campaign against squatting that is being carried out from the disinformation media, the anti-occupation neighborhood mobilizations with racist and classist tendencies that force evictions and the the aggressive actions that threaten us and come from the city council. From Mamarigako Kultur Etxea, Mamarigako Gaztetxea, La Kelo Gaztexea and people in solidarity; we have seen that it is essential to organize ourselves to give a forceful response to this situation that affects all the squatting movement.

We want to open this initiative that arises from the squatted spaces of Santurtzi to the rest of the collectives and networks. We would like to make you participate by proposing to use this call to make visible in your environment the different local problems and that November 28 under the flag of the squatting be a meeting point to claim our struggle and the defense of our spaces. [Read More]

Vitoria-Gasteiz (Euskadi): Let’s Defend Errekaleor!

On the 18th of May, employees of the electricity company Iberdrola came to cut of electricity to the squatted Errekaleor neighbourhood in Gasteiz (In Spanish; Vitoria), Euskadi. The employees were accompanied by dozens of riot cops. This could well be the start of a campaign to evict the squats in Errekaleor. After the action a wave of solidarity started. On the third of June there will be a demo in Gasteiz.

Yesterday the City Council of Vitoria assured that it will implement the “recommendation” of the General Secretariat of the Plenary to establish public lighting in the ‘squatter’ district of Errekaleor again, but has also stated that it will also take into account the “safety” motives that motivated the cut of the electricity. The city council ordered to cut off electricity in the first place and city authorities declared once again that they have every intention to evict the squats in Errekaleor. [Read More]

Learning From SHAC: Winter European Speaking Tour

We are pleased to announce our Winter European Speaking Tour across France, the Basque Country & Spain.

Friday 29th January – Dijon | 7pm | Eternel Detour, 16ter rue de Fontaine-lès-Dijon, Dijon

Saturday 30th January – Grenoble | 12pm | Parpaing Paillette, 104 avenue Ambroise Croizat, Saint Martin D’here

Saturday 30th January – Lyon | 8pm | l’Atelier des Canulars Canulars Workshop, 91 rue Montesquieu, Lyon

Sunday 31st January – Marseille | 7pm | Le Raccoon, Place du Lycée Thiers, Marseille

Monday 1st February – Toulouse | 5.30pm | Self-managed Social Centre of Toulouse (CREA)

Wednesday 3rd February – Pamplona | 6pm | Iruñeko Gaztetxea, Konpania Kalea, 3, Pamplona

Thursday 4th February – San Sebastian | 12pm | EHU Gipuzkoako Kanpusa, Donostia

Thursday 4th February – Zarautz | 8.30pm | Putzuzulo, 20800 Zarautz

Saturday 6th February – Bilbao | 5pm | Izar Beltz Social Centre, Bilbao

Sunday 7th FebruaryGijon | 5pm | Centru Social La Llume. C/Nava 1 (Esq. Avenida de Portugal), Xixón, Asturies [Read More]

Donostia: Kortxoenea, Manifest self-management and resistance

Five years ago the Youth Assembly and different neighbours from Gros decided to occupy an old cork-manufacturing factory. We did it in response to a great need we had in our neighborhood: a self-managed and diverse cultural facility. Five years later Kortxoenea Gaztetxea is a meeting point for different cultural and political groups, music bands and theatre companies.
We can see a clear clash between two ways of understanding culture. In less than 4 months San Sebastian will become the European Capital of Culture, and we think it is a seriours error from the City Council to demolish such a cultural space. We would like to denounce the speculative and elitist policy the City Council is implementig in cultural and social areas. They are conducting house evictions while more than 11.000 flats are still empty. The same week they are opening Tabakalera (a cultural facility costing +50M€), the same year they have brought back the bloody bull-fighting, they are trying to demolish our Gaztetxe to build luxury appartments without offering any solution for us. [Read More]

Bilbao: A new squat and Kukutza courtcases

In October 2012 a giant unused factory building in Sestao (13 km from Bilbao Centre) was squatted.
This squat is seen as the follow up for the in 21-09-2011 evicted Kukutza.
At the same time the aftermath of the Kukutza eviction continues.
The new squat is called “Txirbilenea” and is located in Sestao 13 kilometres outside of Bilbao.

[Read More]

Bilbao: Flo and Rafi released from pretrial detention

As of today, Friday September 30th , our friends and comrades Flo & Rafi have been released on bail from their Basque pretrial detention . After versatile international protest and solidarity actions against their arrest -based on flimsy grounds- the Basque justice department decided to release both on bail for 1000 Euro per person. We are happy for our friends and comrades, but it’s clear that this is not the end of the repression related to the eviction of Kukutza III . Neither the accusations against Flo & Rafi, nor the accusations against all the other comrades, who were struggling for Kukutza III, have been dropped. Here as well as there, continuing threats , investigations and probably even prosecutions are to be expected. More info soon. (german and spanish) (german) (french)


Bilbao: Solidarity with arrested people from the Kukutza eviction (21-09-2011)

The popular social centre Kukutza-III in Bilbao was evicted the 21st of September 2011. Anti-terror troops from the police used armored vehicles and rubber bullets to evict and destroy the huge Kukutza building which had been squatted for more than 13 years. About 20 people were arrested, and various people were wounded.  Right now there’s still two people (Flo & Rafi from Germany) arrested.

                                      They can use your support !

[Read More]

Exhibition of squatting 10 – 13 May, Pamplona


  Exhibition of squatting 10 – 13 May, Pamplona


To all companer@s in squatting:



The social center Gaztetxe of Pamplona, Navarra will be celebrating its 7th anniversary of squatting 10.-13.5. The theme of these days will be squatting with the idea of promoting more squatting. The programme includes among others discussions of the political side of squatting, how to open up the movement more, the differences between rural and urban squatting, and women and squatting. There will also be practical workshops about how to get into the houses, how to set up water, electricity and telephone, the legal side of squatting and resistance against evictions. And of course there will be fiestas, demonstrations and actions.

During the celebrations there will be also videoshows (both presentations of various squats, as well as resistance against evictions) and an exhibition of different squatted places. We would like to make these 2 shows as international and representative/diverse as possible, and are appealing to our friends all over the world to participate: Please send us videos (any language will be fine), fotos, and the story of your squat, explaining the history of the place, what activities you are organising there, the relations with the exterior, and also about the legal situation and the squatting movement in general in your region. Also stories of places that doesn’t exist anymore are interesting. Preferably, please send all texts in Castilian, but if this is not possible, we will do the translations (as well as the set up) here.

If you like, feel free to join us in our celebrations and discussions. All the programme will be in Castilian, and the food will be organised collectivly. To organise sleeping places, please announce your coming beforehand.

Please send all the material for the exhibition by the end of April to (indicate also, if you want the material to be returned):
Jordanas de ocupation
Calle San Agustin 17
E-31001 Pamplona, Navarra

Further inquiries and registration:
Jordanas de ocupation
Lista de correos
E-31430 Aoiz, Navarra

artanga [at] gmx [dot] net (we have quite little access to e-mail, so a normal letter will reach us faster)





Ortuella (Euskadi): New squat La Gotera

4 people have just squated an old house in Ortuella (the street is called Catalina Jibaja), in Euskadi.

Neighbours are really friendly and there´s no stress with the police… Guauuuu!

Community of Basque squatted villages in resistance

Urgent call for solidarity – please forward widely – sorry for cross posting

Comrades !

Here in the Basque country our community has squatted five abandoned medieval villages in ruins. In 1995 we started our projects that head or substistence here in the Pyrenees. We try to produce our own food and break the links to the capitalist economy more and more. Inside our community we try to avoid reproducing patriarcal structures and to live in accordance to nature. We are all libertarian people from European big cities who are fed up with urban alienation and sickness. We are organised in the Pyrenees squatted villages assembly and are mutually helping each other. [Read More]

SOS ITOIZ European Tour


Greetings to The whole of Italy and all the people from different countries from all over the world that are here today.

We are Solidari@s con Itoiz a group campaigning and working to defend the earth and more specifically against an irrational and devastating dam which they want to build in the Basque country in the name of “progress”. [Read More]

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Letter from Collectif Solidarios con Itoiz

Revolutionary greetings

Lets begin by introducing ourselves We are the collectif Solidarios con Itoiz, from Euskalerria (the basque country). We are currently fighting against a dam/electric powerplant project in the north east of the province of Navarra. The Dam project would drown 9 villages and along with those 5 natural reserve areas,3 of them being special bird protection zones. Few regions in Europe have such a rich fauna and flora than those where they now want tobuild their monstruos dam! It is important to note that apart from the 9 villages that would disapear, 6 others would become completely unreachable. [Read More]

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