Bilbao: Solidarity with arrested people from the Kukutza eviction (21-09-2011)

The popular social centre Kukutza-III in Bilbao was evicted the 21st of September 2011. Anti-terror troops from the police used armored vehicles and rubber bullets to evict and destroy the huge Kukutza building which had been squatted for more than 13 years. About 20 people were arrested, and various people were wounded.  Right now there’s still two people (Flo & Rafi from Germany) arrested.

                                      They can use your support !


You can write to them :

Centro Penitenciario de Bilbao-Basauri
Lehendakari Aguirre 92
CP 48970
Names: Rafael Heygster, Florian Woellfert



Or support the legal costs by donating money :

Rote Hilfe e.V. OG Hamburg

Konto-Nr.: 84610203

BLZ: 20010020

Postbank Hamburg

Mentioning : Flo & Rafi


More on the eviction of Kukutza-III :

Lots of photos :

Short (english) article on Indymedia-UK with photo :

Short (english) blog article with photos :


Kukutza when everything was fine

Kukutza Eviction / Police violence

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