Bilbao: A new squat and Kukutza courtcases

In October 2012 a giant unused factory building in Sestao (13 km from Bilbao Centre) was squatted.
This squat is seen as the follow up for the in 21-09-2011 evicted Kukutza.
At the same time the aftermath of the Kukutza eviction continues.
The new squat is called “Txirbilenea” and is located in Sestao 13 kilometres outside of Bilbao.

Txirbilenea means something like “House of the metal dust”. The name should remind of the air pollution, that was caused by the former steel factory and which caused harm to inhabitants and workers for years.
It was the biggest steel factory in Basque country.
Here’s a youtube video of the occupation :

The squatters of the factory are very experienced with squatting and have a variety of social backgrounds.
Til now the mayor of Sestao has not shown signs of eviction plans.
At the same time the aftermath of the Kukutza eviction continues.

A short overview of the things that happened in 2012 :

1. Courtcase against four sixteen year old young people:

They were found guilty. They were supposedly fighting with cops in the streets.
The punishment is 60 hours of social work.
They also have to pay 1100 euros to the cops involved.
One claim is that the young people have taken an almost two meter tall cop and dragged him
over a zebra crossing and kicked him.

2. Juni 2012:

Courtcase against two activists from Hamburg. They were arrested 21-09-2011 and were held
for nine days. The State asked for three and a half years prison and a fine of 8800 euros.
In June they were both found not guilty.

3. September 2012:

Courtcase against eleven people, arrested in the morning of 21-09-2011 (The day of the eviction).
Three of them were convicted with paying some money because of public disorder.
The other people were found not guilty.

Overview for the upcoming courtcases in 2013:

1.Courtcase against a person who on 23-09-2011 at 22:30 was arrested.

Accused of trespassing forbidden property and destroying of material.
The State is asking for 22 months of jail time.

2. Several courtcases against people who were arrested in the afternoon of 23-09-2011.
The State is asking for at least several months / years of jail time.

3.Courtcase against the people who were arrested at 21-09-2011 inside Kukutza.

It’s about disturbing domestic peace, and supposedly attacks against cops.

4.The 14th of April 2013: Courtcase against a cop, who kicked a woman in her belly,
which was filmed. Can be seen at 11m12s in this video:

We will not forget the more than hundred wounded people, who were amongst others hit by
rubber bullets. All the cops who did this have not been punished so far.
However, the people in Bilbao are not giving up.
The shock after the eviction is over, and people are preparing for the upcoming courtcases.
At the same time with „Txirbilenea“ a similar building as Kukutza is squatted.

The spirit of Kukutza never dies!

More information about the eviction of Kukutza :

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