Prague: Squat Milada brutally evicted after an attempt to make a one-off commemorative gig

The Prague’s renowned squat Villa Milada, which was evicted three years ago after being one of the most important places for Czech autonomous underground scene, had been occupied by approximately 30 people on Saturday June 30th to commemorate the bleak anniversary by an improvised hardcore punk gig. Even though the authorities were informed that this is a one-off event which is not an attempt to reoccupy the squat for good but a symbolic pointing out of a passive approach of a Czech state to take care of unused buildings and of the oppression against alternative culture, the police reacted with a massive police operation including an aggressive attack against the non-violent concert-goers, which resulted in many bloody injuries and in a temporary arrest of tens of people. [Read More]

Moscow: Graffiti in solidarity with Milada

Hallo,comrades! In solidarity with you we arrayed our squat in Moskow !

Graffiti is a small action but we want you know that you are not alone in your disaster! Government won’t steal our homes and our freedom! In unity we will win! Milada forever! Equality and anarchy!


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Prague (Cz): Squat Milada her_story

The story of villa Milada, one of the best known and longest existing czech squat, began 1st May 1998, when was squatted by group of people evicted from another building. Milada is situated in Holešovice district in Prague, north of the city center, near a river. On the place it stands was old villa quarter, which had to fall back on account of new colleges project planned in „communist“ regime. But from the college project are finally realized only three high-rised buildings. Milada also had to be demolished, but finally it was only deleted from the cadastre. Demolition never happened and since the time, Milada didn’t exist in documents. Squatters wanted to make an agreement with Institute for informations in education, the administrator of Milada and surrounding land, all the time, but despite this, unsuccesfull attempt to evict the squat followed soon. Eviction was unsuccesfull, also thanks to support of college students. In Milada took place concerts, annual Resistance feast (reminder of eviction attempt), Food Not Bombs cooking, projections….

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Most (Czech Rep.): Squatters’ protest in the town of Most

On Sunday 2nd of August 2009, an occupation of empty building in Most (northern czech town) took place: “By this direct action, we want to protest against a violent eviction and destruction of the Milada squat, which happened a month ago, when a security agency protected by police destroyed the space. This action is an inspiration and impulse to create new autonomous centers, open to alternative culture and free self-fulfilment.

We want to draw attention to many social problems that include increasing social differences, useless housing politics, gentrification and estranged relationships among people in cities. We understand squatting as a tool of change, ” said the spokesperson Teta Milada (Auntie Milada).

An exhibition of photographs took place as well as the one of many artistic creations. There was a poetry reading and a music gig.

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Prague: No to demolition of Milada

This morning 7th July at around 6.50, squat Milada (evicted one week ago) was temporarily occupied. This action was meant to highlight a possible demolition of the building. The UIV office denied that the house would be demolished, but they stated that the static controllors take interest in the house. And if the house is dangerous, thay will have to pull it down. Please note, that the whole roof tiles of the house were destroyed by the security agency during the eviction, windows smashed and everything destroyed. The security agency waistcoat, that was placed on the pole last week, has been torn down and an anarchist flag is now fluttering above Milda again. Two people were arrested, released few hours later.


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Poznan, Krakow (Poland): Solidarity actions in support of Milada

At night of the 2nd of July a banner saying “When you’re taking their home, you’re also taking part of our home! Rozbrat in solidarity with Milada squat from Prague” was dropped in the centre of Poznan. We did it to express our solidarity with the squatters from Prague, who were brutally evicted on the 1st of July by a private security company, which is employing mostly neonazis. We support all demands of Prague squatters and we will keep on expressing our solidarity as long as the demands aren’t met. You can read more about Milada and the eviction here:
Solidarity is our weapon!
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Struggle for squats in Prague

On the 30th of June the Milada squat was evicted. The house was not a part of the cadastre, because it was meant to be demolished years ago. This hasn’t happened and the squatters occupied an INVISIBLE house, because for the authorities it hasn’t legally existed. This was 11 years ago. The place changed a lot, people left and came, at the moment noone from the former collective was living in the house. Few years ago, the place got through a crisis and with a new collective, more actions were held and Milada built quite a strong background and managed to cooperate with other struggles. Now, the controller of the building (UIV – Institute for Information in Education) owned by state tried to make Milada a legally acknowledged place again, though it is not sure, if they were really succesful, anyway they ordered an eviction, and paid a security agency with neonazis as employees. They used violence, hurt people sitting on the roof, destroyed all accessories of Milada and completely damaged the roof. Video (more on utube): Stencils: Twitter (mostly in czech):

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Prague: Manifest of the Milada squatters to yesterday’s events 1.7. 17:30

We, as the ex inhabitants of squat Milada, would like to express our statement about events that happened on 30th Juin. On this day was made a violent eviction of eleven years functioning cultural and social centre, which represented the last place of its kind in the Czech Republic. By this moment something has changed in all of us: nazis from the security agency Prague security group together with cops destroyed during one day the place where we had been transforming our dreams and visions into reality. The Minister for Human Rights Kocab promised to initiate a conference about potential substitute space, however, we are not going to rely on politicians in this battle and we are not going to calm down the rightful anger of people to whom Milada meant something. Regardless of the results of the negotiation there is going to come an adequate answer to the eviction of Milada, which is going to hurt institutions responsible for this action. We feel urgent need to generate new spaces where we can live and create in our own way, without authority. Any kind of activity pointing to this goal is from our point of view legitimate. Society, where is common that goverment institutions go hand in hand with neonazis against people creating non-commercial culture has no right to call itself free.. Support demonstrations, start direct actions, be creative! Something has ended by the eviction of Milada but there´s also space for creating something new. No repression stops our desire for freedom!

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Prague: Squat Milada being evicted now!!

Security agency and police are evicting the squat, two persons have been injured, around seven squatters are barricaded on the roof.

In Bratislava, SK, a demonstration will be held at 15.30 in front of the Czech embassy.

Prague: All remaining squatters left the roof

At around 18:00, the minister for human rights and ethnical minorities arrived on site and negotiations started. Two resisting squatters then came down and the minister promissed, that he will try to find a solution and that the negotiations will continue, he gave nothing concrete. Well, he will leave his office in three months time!

Now, after this decision to go for negotiations, let’s see how the movement around our only autonomous space will develop and cultivate the taste for freedom! Keep the pressure!



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More news about Milada

Milada squatter’s announcement about the events of 16.10.08 To clarify all disinformation that emerged in the media and within our “sympathysants”, we decided to summarize the event ourselves.

So: around 9am arrives several clerks from the city hall office and ÚIV (office for information and education – owner of the land the officially non-existent Milada is standing on), accompanied by three police cars. After a while a waste-container truck arrives and hired workers start to clean the area around the Building: we are told that city hall called upon the land owner to clean out “his” parcel because of complaints of neighbours. We point out that we, inhabitants of the House, were not contacted about this matter by anybody. It would be enough to send us an e-mail (our address is displayed at our web-pages, and arrange the date of clean up. There are enough of us to fill the waste container in no time, which, by the way, we have done several times in the past, at our own expense.

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Milada is calling for help!

Milada squat in Prague’s Holesovice quarter has been visited today morning (16. 10.) by a clean-up company workers assisted by police. Official statement says the reason was just to clean up some garbage on the lot. Because this statement can’t be fully trusted, we appeal to all friends of Milada Squat to stay ready for emergency. There is a chance that we will have to defend the last thriving squat in Prague. Please come to help if you can, if you can’t, spread the word to as many friends willing to help as possible. Keep in mind, that solidarity is our best weapon!



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