Poznan, Krakow (Poland): Solidarity actions in support of Milada

At night of the 2nd of July a banner saying “When you’re taking their home, you’re also taking part of our home! Rozbrat in solidarity with Milada squat from Prague” was dropped in the centre of Poznan. We did it to express our solidarity with the squatters from Prague, who were brutally evicted on the 1st of July by a private security company, which is employing mostly neonazis. We support all demands of Prague squatters and we will keep on expressing our solidarity as long as the demands aren’t met. You can read more about Milada and the eviction here: http://www.milada.org
Solidarity is our weapon!

Photo: http://rozbrat.org/news-in-english/484-rozbrat-in-solidarity-with-milada

An action took place in Krakow as well, here are some photos: