Athens (Greece): From Lelas Karagianni 37 squat, solidarity with Rozbrat squat in Poznan, Poland


Rozbrat squat, active for 16 years now in the city of Poznan, the longest occupied space in Poland, houses social, political and cultural activities that oppose the world of Authority and profit, of social and class divisions. Today it is one more of the self-organized spaces of resistance which are facing repressive plans. Some of the projects being housed in the squat -connecting it with struggles against globalization, class exploitation, State repression, persecution and imprisonment of strugglers, pillage of nature, racism, war etc.- are the Anarchist Federation and the Anarchist Black Cross of Poznan, the Workers’ Initiative, the Anarchist Library and Trojka publishing house.

On March 26, 2010 an auction has been scheduled for the purchase of the premises where the largest part of the squat is situated so that the debts of the previous owning company can be paid out. It is a process which started in January 2008, when the squat was “visited” by a bailiff with the assistance of the police in order to estimate the value of the ground.

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Poznan (Poland): 37 anarchists detained after clashes with cops

„City is not a company!” – 37 anarchists detained in Poznan after clashes with cops

On Monday, 8th March 2010, about 50 people from Rozbrat squat Collective made a demonstration in front of the gate of Poznan International Fair Center, where a congress of local councils from all over Poland was taking place. Shouting slogans “City is not a company. Rozbrat stays!”, the anarchists blockaded the gate. Many cars with the officials were forced to turn back.

After a while, the protesters decided to walk inside the premises of the Fair, they were not stopped by anyone. Then, they tried to go inside the building where the congress was taking place. They were attacked by the police. Some of the anarchists were heavily beaten up, 37 were detained and driven to three different police stations. Most of them are already released with minor charges. From the information we were able to gather, 3 people will be charged with an attack on a functionary, those three are still in jail.
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Poznan (Poland): Rozbrat ? the final strike, demonstration on 20th March 2010


February 2010

The auction of the grounds where Poznan’s Rozbrat squat is situated will take place on 26th March at 10 a.m. Since January 2008, when the bailiff came to the squat for the first time, we have managed to keep the squat, through different legal actions and protests. If nobody buys the ground on 26th March, the next auction will take place within the next 2-3 years. That is why this is a critical moment for us.

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Poznan (Poland): Solidarity demonstration with Dutch squatters facing the Squat-ban

On 27.11.09 at 1 p.m. around fifteen people, including members of Anarchist Federation and Rozbrat squat collective, gathered under Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands in Poznan to protest against anti-squatters bill according to which from 1st of January 2010 squatting in Holland would be a crime. Consul accepted our statement, the content of which is published below.

The aim of the picket was to show international solidarity to Dutch squatters, that soon may be defined by law as a criminals. Similar action is to be held in Gdansk and in many other European cities.



We, squatters and anarchists of Poznan, are deeply concerned with the anti-squatters bill. Squatters movement in The Netherlands is wide-known and accepted by the society. It has several decades of tradition and expanded its own infrastructure and counterculture, which provides shelter and enables tens of thousands people to freely develop themselves. Authorities want to introduce anti-squatters bill virtually without any public debate, what make us even more outrageous. We notice that the proposed act is a part of wide, European plan of making society dependant of big-business. Privatization of higher education, health service and other public services so in this case, attempts to limit the choice of residence by forcing the expensive rent. Almost every week we are noticed with information from all-over Europe about evicting squats, often lasting for several decades and gathering hundreds of people around them. In every state the governments want the same- pacification of grassroots movements that refuse their “freedom” and “democracy”.

If the Dutch government adopts this bill, from 1.01.2009 the act of squatting a house will lead to imprisonment. Is it rational to regard satisfying one of the basic human needs that is a shelter as a crime? We consider, that Dutch politicians has only one aim- identify libertarians with criminals, thus justifying imprisonment of people who loudly talk about infirmities of capitalism. The authorities want to steal places in which the critical and independent thought is created, places that allow to prepare actions against social injustice, racism, propaganda of consumption and all other forms of domination.

The anti-squatters bill will hit not only the squatters movement itself, but also the poorest class, workers, immigrants, and everyone who is forced to squat due to lack of money for high rent. In the name of the media model of law-abiding citizen who works eight hours to pay half of his salary to a landlord or a bank that gave him a loan they will be pushed to the role of criminals and idlers that steal someones house.

We do not agree with the proposed reform, as we are threatened with eviction ourselves, although we have run our social and cultural centre for over fifteen years without taking a buck from the authorities. We know what thousands of people would feel when after new year bailiffs and cops will start to knock on their doors. We know that as we fight for our squat, Dutch squatters will fight for their houses. We are sure that if only Dutch authorities will strike squatters, hearts and streets will ignite just like two years Copenhagen has flared!


Source Indy NL

Poznan, Krakow (Poland): Solidarity actions in support of Milada

At night of the 2nd of July a banner saying “When you’re taking their home, you’re also taking part of our home! Rozbrat in solidarity with Milada squat from Prague” was dropped in the centre of Poznan. We did it to express our solidarity with the squatters from Prague, who were brutally evicted on the 1st of July by a private security company, which is employing mostly neonazis. We support all demands of Prague squatters and we will keep on expressing our solidarity as long as the demands aren’t met. You can read more about Milada and the eviction here:
Solidarity is our weapon!
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Poznan, Poland: Rozbrat demo and a wide support from abroad

On Saturday, 9th May, at around 3 p.m. a demonstration organized by Rozbrat Collective took place, it started in front of the Opera House. Around 1,000-1,500 took part in it. The participants of the demonstration were also people from different organizations and groups such as Anarchist Federation, members of different groups of protests from Poznan neighborhoods, including those protesting against the F-16 airport, anti-eviction organizations, alternative theaters’ members, trade unionists from different unions, representatives of the Berlin autonomous communities, squatters from different cities in Poland and abroad and loads of other supporters of Rozbrat from Poznan, Poland and abroad…..MORE INFO ABOUT THE DEMONSTRATION AND ACTIONS ABROAD, PHOTOS:

Rozbrat stays!

The Hague (NL): Soli rally with polish squats

Soli rally with Polish squats (wednesday, 3pm)


The Hague, in front of Polish Embassy (Alexanderstraat 25)
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Poznan: Rozbrat solidarity day

As Collective Rozbrat we’ve agreed to anounce that *6th of May* will be the day of solidarity with Rozbrat squat. We want to have to before the demo on the 9th so that those of you who are coming can do actions locally and also we want to present them on Saturday demo.

Spread the word please.

Invitation to the 9th May demo in Poznan:


Poznan (Poland): Rozbrat stays! demo on 9th May

When the dark clouds over Rozbrat squat have become a real threat we decided to organize a first (but probably not the last) demonstration in defence of our space. As some of you may already know, things around Rozbrat’s future started happening – the bank, the court, the auction. We will not wait passively, it’s high time we showed our presence in the city, in its streets.

The city authorities, against their own declarations, don’t want to let Rozbrat stay, they don’t support the place nor the cause. The words said by the vice president of Poznan when he met with us don’t allow us to think in an optimistic way: there’s no space for us where we are now, there’s no space for us in the city centre, maybe there would be something in the outskirts, but this comes with no concrete proposal… so basically it comes with nothing. The city politics are clear – throw out everything what is different, unprofitable, what is not fitting in the commercial image of Poznan, they want to clear the centre so that it becomes an unlimited shopping mall.

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Poznan: Eviction of a new squat

News from 22 January 2009

Eviction of a new squat in Poznan

8 squatters from Poznan were arrested today morning during an eviction of a new squat in Poznan city centre (the building was squatted for 2 months). The people arrested were not only the squatters from this squat but also people from Poznan’s oldest squat Rozbrat (, who came to support them. There is a picket in front of the cop station taking place right now. The eviction of the squat was announced by cops few days ago, but it was also illegal, they had no warrant to come into the building. Media were called and they filmed everything.

The cops told the people showing solidarity that if they protest in front of the cop shop then the arrestees will be kept inside longer. Also, there are 10 people demonstrating in front of the police station so they are fully legal, as only gatherings of over 15 ppl can be called illegal in Poland. The cops really want to threaten all the comrades involved, but I don’t think they will succeed.

All of the squatters got charged with a breach of house peace. They should be released soon.

Video from corporate media:

Poznan: Rozbrat squat communique

Today morning (14th January 2009) a bailiff together with locksmiths, assessor and cops came to Rozbrat squat. After negotiations with a group of squatters the assessor was let in and took photos of the ground but was not allowed into any of the buildings. It turned out the proce estimation made a year ago had to be done again. We found out that the previous price of the ground is 6 million zlotys (1,5 million euro) and the new one is supposed to be higher. Also, we were told that the auction of the ground can take place within 3 months.

We keep our eyes open and will let you know when the mobilization moment comes.

Poznan (Poland): Alarm at Rozbrat again!

September 2008


The lawyer of Rozbrat squat has obtained an information that the bailiff/debt collector has just sent the records and complete documentation to the court in order to set the date of the auction. This date may appear soon. The ground where Rozbrat is situated may be sold. The campaign “Rozbrat stays!” was not very loud in the last months but it does not mean that the situation of Rozbrat has stabilized. We ask you to keep your eyes open and support us when necessary. Our stand is unchanged: we won’t give up without fight!


Rozbrat – a free space in an unfree world
(Article written for the ESF in Malmo – September 2008)

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