Poznan: Call for support from Rozbrat

Does Rozbrat have problems? Rozbrat has friends! Rozbrat stays! [we need your help] Since Rozbrat’s land is about to be auctioned off we’ve started a support campaign which coincides with the 25th birthday of our squat coming later this year. In May the debt collector Bartosz Guzik estimated the value of Rozbrat at 6m zlotys (1,5m euro). The auction might be announced at any given moment. Poznan authorities haven’t made any statements although they would be able to take over the land which was nationalised after World War 2, then it was illegally appropriated during reprivatisation. But we know we’re not alone and many people can’t imagine Poznan without Rozbrat! We will regularly be posting pictures of our friends! What can you do? Write down “Rozbrat Zostaje!” or “Rozbrat Stays!” on a piece of paper or say why Rozbrat is important to you and why it should stay, take a picture or make a video, send it to us and post it on your page. We need your support! Rozbrat – we were here, we are here and we will be here!

Pułaskiego 21a
60-607 Poznan, Poland

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