Prague: Manifest of the Milada squatters to yesterday’s events 1.7. 17:30

We, as the ex inhabitants of squat Milada, would like to express our statement about events that happened on 30th Juin. On this day was made a violent eviction of eleven years functioning cultural and social centre, which represented the last place of its kind in the Czech Republic. By this moment something has changed in all of us: nazis from the security agency Prague security group together with cops destroyed during one day the place where we had been transforming our dreams and visions into reality. The Minister for Human Rights Kocab promised to initiate a conference about potential substitute space, however, we are not going to rely on politicians in this battle and we are not going to calm down the rightful anger of people to whom Milada meant something. Regardless of the results of the negotiation there is going to come an adequate answer to the eviction of Milada, which is going to hurt institutions responsible for this action. We feel urgent need to generate new spaces where we can live and create in our own way, without authority. Any kind of activity pointing to this goal is from our point of view legitimate. Society, where is common that goverment institutions go hand in hand with neonazis against people creating non-commercial culture has no right to call itself free.. Support demonstrations, start direct actions, be creative! Something has ended by the eviction of Milada but there´s also space for creating something new. No repression stops our desire for freedom!

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