Amsterdam: Squatters Takland occupy adjacent building

Today we have expanded Takland. After we squatted the building at Taksteeg 8 on King’s Day – renamed Housing Day – today it is the turn of the adjacent building Taksteeg 6, which has also been vacant for years. Come and support Takland!

After declaring our independence from the state, they opened the hunt for us. The first time we saw them in court, we won. In doing so, we have ensured that red-handed is once again a means of struggle: the judge forbade eviction in the act if the police do not actually catch the squatter in the act. The second time we saw them in court, they punished us. The judge-commissioner, Eduard Messer, agreed with the owner. The judge and the officer are biased, feel contempt for the people in society hardest hit by the housing crisis, and don’t follow their own rules. Takland should be evicted by Thursday. But Takland is stronger than the state. Takland fights back. We squatted this new house. There is plenty of vacancy in this city and the need for squatting remains. We will not stop until every vacant building is filled with squatters. We will never resign ourselves to injustice, even if it calls itself the judiciary. What leads to hopelessness in the Netherlands leads to determination in Takland. In the Netherlands they only think of property rights, in Takland the right of residence prevails. Takland has no king, no law, no eviction.

Takland is 4 ever
Takland stays

Takland Vrijstraat
Taksteeg 6 & 8, Amsterdam
taklandvrijstaat [at] proton [dot] me

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