Rome (Italy): You cannot evict the feminist city!

Un video di Julia Lindblom. Rome, spring 2018. [Read More]

London: Feminists Evicted from Women’s Library

At 3.30pm on 9 March feminist protestors were evicted from their two-day occupation of The Women’s Library [1]. Defiant to the end, women had to be dragged from the soon-to-be-closed building by High Court Bailiffs and Police. Outside they were met with cheers from a one hundred-strong crowd of supporters.

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London: We have successfully occupied the Women’s Library

Seventy activists from feminist groups, Occupy, UK Uncut, Solidarity Federation and Disabled People Against Cuts have today occupied London’s historic Women’s Library in a daring bid to save it from closure.
In a secret action, a small group of women from the specially-formed Reclaim It! group led the take-over of the library in central London at 1.30pm. Within minutes they were joined by a larger crowd of protestors who had been led to the location by the organisers from two meeting points.
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Grenoble, France : A new anarchafeminist squat called “La Flibustière”


Since the octobre 2nd 2003, a new squat opened in Grenoble (France). This place is occuped by anarkafeminist women and lesbian. It’s a living and feminist activities house opening to all women (angry, shy, fast, straight, black, bi, ugly, white, trans, lesbian, pretty…).

We’ve got a lot of ideas: library, infoshop (brochures, keeper, freelax…), discussion and feminist action group, party, debate, workshop…

We really need your support!!!!! Come to visit us!!!!

For the beginning of the squat, we need people and help.

Our adress: La Flibustière, 17, rue des Charmettes, 38600 Fontaine, france

Phone: 0033-06 62 82 74 02

Or contact us by e-mail