Berlin (Germany): Barricades and stones for the anniversary of Liebig34 eviction

Housing is not a commodity! Two apartments in the Liebig14 expropriated

“We will not surrender. And even if they drag us out of our homes. We will return. And we will take back what is taken from us.”
Words from the Liebig34 on October 9, 2020, at 04:00 am.

Exactly three years ago today, on October 9, 2020, the anarcha queer feminist project Liebig34 was evicted. More than twelve years ago, on February 2, 2011, the house project Liebig14 was evicted. The evictions were attacks on our struggles to shape our lives and places of living in a self-determined way and from below. They were attacks on our collective organizing against sexist violence and capitalist patriarchy.

Exactly today, on October 9, 2023, we expropriated two vacant apartments in Liebig14. We declare them common property of the neighborhood. [Read More]

Berlin: Attacks on Google and gentrification

On Thursday 1/11/2018 we did some work using angry hammers on the door of a Google office under construction in Tucholskystraße, Berlin.
Even if a Google campus is not to be set up in Kreuzberg for the time being, Google remains an engine of our alienated daily life and an instrument of authority. To attack Google, control and dominion, be it with graffiti, solidarity, hacking or hammers, is necessary in order to breath with self-determination.
The essence is in the liberating decision to act in person.
On Saturday night of 03/11, an evil spirit took the initiative to damage an ex neighbourhood shop in Friedelstraße 54. The poltergeist destroyed the walls, the windows, the pipes and the floors. Of course with every regard for those who live in the house.
As Halloween is over, one can foresee that the building will remain doomed for the whole year. Little is known about spirits, except that they seek company, usually remain alone and let themselves be cast out most unwillingly. This should be clear to businesses and possible tenants as they decide to rent the haunted place in Friedelstraße 54. [Read More]

Liebig14, Berlin: Reflections on an Eviction – For the Joyful Militants

On the second anniversary of the eviction of Liebig 14

“An event can be turned around, repressed, co-opted, betrayed, but there is still something in it that cannot be outdated. Only renegades would say: it’s outdated. But even if the event is ancient, it can never be outdated: it is an opening onto the possible. It passes as much into the interior of individuals as into the depths of society” -Gilles Deleuze

Struggle and Repression

The second of February 2011: a Berlin house project is evicted by several thousand cops. This event paradoxically marks a moment that is both a recent high-point of struggle in Berlin, as well as a highpoint of repression. Thousands take to the streets to demonstrate a collective refusal: we do not accept this eviction, nor the eviction of any other emancipatory space, nor the eviction of any individual or family from their home as a result of a city politics that is so clearly rotten, twisted in its pursuit of financial gain. We refuse the power of this city politics, and its neo-liberal yea-sayers, have over urban space. We will continue to fight for this space – the city we live in – to be a collective creation and not an object of financial speculation.

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Germany: Solidarity after the eviction of Liebigstrasse 14 in Berlin on 2nd of february 2011


Riots all over Germany after the eviction of Liebigstrasse 14 in Berlin on 2nd of february.

The Liebig 14 was one of the last and oldest squats in Berlin.

On the 2nd of february, 2.500 cops violently evicted the houseproject. It took them 8 hours to evict the barricated house.

One week before the eviction there was a demonstration with 7.000 people in Berlin against the evictionplans.

In the night following the eviction, there were demonstrations with about 3.000 people and riots in the streets of Berlin with an estimated damage of one million euros and more riots with less people and less damage in the following nights.

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Copenhagen: Activists fight on the streets in support for Liebig 14

February 2nd, 2011

Angered at the news of the eviction of the Liebig 14 in Berlin, some 300 protesters took to the streets of Copenhagen in a solidarity demonstration. With chants, slogans and revolutionary music people gathered on the fringe of Copenhagen inner city and marched towards the german embassy. The police kept watch on the side streets and from the back and front of the demonstration.

The embassy was guarded by police in riot gear and armored vans. Opun arriving protesters attacked the police with bottles and firecrackers trying to reach. The police approached the demonstrators but didn’t dare to attack directly or arrest anyone. After the standoff the demonstration went back towards the grounds of Jagtvej 69. The former site of Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. On the way protesters smashed windows of some banks

Even though the demonstration went without direct attacks from the police, six people were arrested for being in the possesion of gas masks, pepperspray and graffiti cans. Only pepperspray is directly illegal in Denmark however.


Berlin: Eviction and riot on next february 2nd ?

January 14th, 2011

The police in the german capital Berlin is expecting heavy riots around february 2. The police will evict one of the last squats in Berlin : Liebig 14.
Officials and newspaper say that this may cause heavy riots.


Today, 10 january 2011, the house project in Liebigstraße 14, Berlin-Friedrichshain, received a written eviction notice for all apartments. It will be enforced the 2nd of february at 8:00 AM. The lost legal processes and the failure of politics ! The eviction notice for our house project is the outcome of an almost 4 year-long legal struggle over the termination all apartments contracts, a struggle between the inhabitants of the houseproject and the owner Suitbert Beulker (also owner of the houseproject in Rigaerstr. 94) and Edwin Thöne, manager of the child protection association Unna. The pleaded ground for the terminations was the display of banners and Beulker taking offence with the construction of a door in the stairway.

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