Berlin: Attacks on Google and gentrification

On Thursday 1/11/2018 we did some work using angry hammers on the door of a Google office under construction in Tucholskystraße, Berlin.
Even if a Google campus is not to be set up in Kreuzberg for the time being, Google remains an engine of our alienated daily life and an instrument of authority. To attack Google, control and dominion, be it with graffiti, solidarity, hacking or hammers, is necessary in order to breath with self-determination.
The essence is in the liberating decision to act in person.
On Saturday night of 03/11, an evil spirit took the initiative to damage an ex neighbourhood shop in Friedelstraße 54. The poltergeist destroyed the walls, the windows, the pipes and the floors. Of course with every regard for those who live in the house.
As Halloween is over, one can foresee that the building will remain doomed for the whole year. Little is known about spirits, except that they seek company, usually remain alone and let themselves be cast out most unwillingly. This should be clear to businesses and possible tenants as they decide to rent the haunted place in Friedelstraße 54.

The transcendent apparition is annoying first of all for the Luxemburg estate agency Pinehill and the administration of the Secura house in Schwalbacher Straße 8, Berlin-Friedenau, which last year were still invoking violence with fervour:
Cops, cops
beat people up
so that loads of moneys become our loot
and many zeros spring up
in front of dark digits.
But anyone who invokes stupid spirits can never get rid of them.
For the damned owners it would have been much easier not to have prevented the community of the building from purchasing the house and thus not act directly against the will of those who live in it. Likewise, the neighbourhood shop on the ground floor shouldn’t have been evicted with the State’s violent help.
On this occasion, Friedel’s spirit might have freed itself. Unobserved by some – who were blinded by pepper spray – and by others – distracted by the violent delirium of identification controls.
Obviously spirits are not only rampant in Friedelstraße 54. Similar phenomena have been abundantly seen around Mainzer Straße, Liebigstraße 14 and Ungedomshuset in Copenhagen.
There must also be angry ghosts in the premises of Liebig34, Potse, Drugstore, Meuterei, HaSi, AZ in Cologne and other places destined for the same ugly fate. In fact it would be easy to calm the ghosts down: leave them in peace.
According to few eye witnesses, on Saturday night the spirit shouted one single phrase: Friedel 54 is not for renting!

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