Denmark: Wave of raids and arrests in Copenhagen

arna17mAt 6 am yesterday morning cops raided 10 addresses in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the buildings that was raided was Bumzen in Baldersgade. 25 persons were arrested and 9 of them are at risk of being placed in pre-trail custody. A report and a statement by the Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance (ARNA).

With law after law, power and its police are shrinking the boundaries for the types of resistance that is possible. By constantly pressuring those who resist, they limit the possibilities of action, and even the ability to imagine a world without authorities and submission.

The unbreakable bond between thought and action is what characterizes the anti-authoritarian revolutionists. We don’t believe that by submitting to law and power today, a society without power can be achieved tomorrow. That is why our ideas are in continuous interaction with our actions. With the ‘respect-package’ (respektpakken), the politicians are attacking this bond when they claim that one person can be held accountable for the actions of other people because of the ideas, which these people express, and the politicians acknowledge this too. The fact of the matter is that they are right: every anti-authoritarian rebel shares the ideological responsibility for actions of rebellion, and we’re even proud of it! That is why we are in a state of solidarity with those affected by the repression. For us, it is not important whether they are guilty or not. Those which we show solidarity with are the actions of rebellion of which they stand accused. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Squat The Naval Mine!

May 4th, 2011

Occupy, share and enjoy the free space of The Naval Mine (Søminen) in Copenhagen. An action to occupy and liberate the area of an old storage facility for Naval Mines and turn it into a social centre. The area is located right next to the Freetown Christiania by the lake in beautiful green surroundings. It’s been open for several years and is used daily by picnicking cityfolks, graffiti artists, dog walkers, bird watchers and everyone else. We’re gonna keep on using it and open it up in style. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Activists fight on the streets in support for Liebig 14

February 2nd, 2011

Angered at the news of the eviction of the Liebig 14 in Berlin, some 300 protesters took to the streets of Copenhagen in a solidarity demonstration. With chants, slogans and revolutionary music people gathered on the fringe of Copenhagen inner city and marched towards the german embassy. The police kept watch on the side streets and from the back and front of the demonstration.

The embassy was guarded by police in riot gear and armored vans. Opun arriving protesters attacked the police with bottles and firecrackers trying to reach. The police approached the demonstrators but didn’t dare to attack directly or arrest anyone. After the standoff the demonstration went back towards the grounds of Jagtvej 69. The former site of Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. On the way protesters smashed windows of some banks

Even though the demonstration went without direct attacks from the police, six people were arrested for being in the possesion of gas masks, pepperspray and graffiti cans. Only pepperspray is directly illegal in Denmark however.


Copenhagen: Dortheavej-61 and history of Ungdomshuset

14/3-09 – New website finally up and running!

In the english section of the website, we will post information about the house, pictures and news!

The banner:

How does it work?

In order to maintain a true alternative, it is evident to confront those who violates others freedom. Therefore we have 5 simple guidelines that we expect everyone in the house to respect at all times. These are as follows:
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Copenhagen: Demonstration on 1st March 2009








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Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset courtcase

On Monday 22 December 2008 5 womyn and 10 men, who were present in the house at the eviction of the Ungdomshuset, got sentenced to imprisonment. 11 people sentenced to 1 year and three months, 3 people to one year and one (aged under 16) to nine months!

The court case started on 22 August 2008 and it concerned about the objects found in the house, things that were judged as weapons prepared to be used against police. However, those “weapons” were never used.



Copenhagen: Riots around Christiania after an eviction on 28th October 2008

The Eviction

The main authority on Christiania (slots & ejendomsstyrelse) decided to evict the second floor of a house on Christiania. They were backed by an unprecedented large police force. At 7:30am a major police force arrived at Christiania. Neighbours of the soon to be evicted house were rushed out of their beds and homes without being allowed time to get their heart medicine. By 9am construction workers started tearing down the second floor. They wore ski mask’s to avoid identification, making them look like terrorists and the police cleared the surrounding area from onlookers.

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Copenhagen: We got a new house!


On the 11th of June [2008], it was decided in their city council to let us take over two buildings in the North western area of the city. 1st of July we started moving in!
We will be using the next moth to get rid of all the communal dust, build a new bar, a stage, activity rooms and spice up the place to make everyone feel at home! We are all really exited about the place and promise that as soon as we are ready to open the doors, we will invite all of you to an opening party and celebrate the winning of a battle! We couldn’t have done it without all the international support!

The two buildings used to be a part of a communal social centre that we will now be sharing ground with.
It’s situated between Dortheavej and Rentemestervej in the North-western part of Copenhagen, approx. 2,8 km from Jagtvej 69.

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Copenhagen: BlokR action on april 3rd 2008

March 16th 2008

Today activists staged another preparation workshop for BlokR and everything looks to be coming together.

More info in english and german on

All day / sunday, activists took part in workshops preparing for BlokR on April 3rd. Workshops included gasmask training, blockade training, talks about the tactical situation and a big cross-block building session. Also a lot of the gear which will be used in the action was demonstrated and teams for shield carriers, cube pushers and more started assembling.

It looked very much like everything is coming together for the blocks and all the gear looked very impressive and the activists were very enthusiastic. Soon a big final meeting will be held, where it is hoped as many as possible of the activists planing to do the action will come to talk, train and form affinity groups.

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Copenhagen: Police evicts social centre ‘Ungdomshuset’

Ungdomshuset Information | 01.03.2007 – 19:32

After a long political and legal battle the basis-democratic, alternative political and cultural centre ‘Ungdomshuset’ was forcefully evicted by riot police and airborne anti-terror squads this morning. Ensuing demonstrations have seen large-scale confrontations between protestors and heavy-handed police, here is the full story from Copenhagen.

After serious social conflicts and uprisings by the autonomist and squatting movements in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the subsequent ‘Ungdomshuset’ was offered as part of a political compromise to the activists. The mainly young activists dubbed it ‘Ungdomshuset’ (‘The Youth House’), and started running various cultural and political activities out of there. It has for many years served as one of the only multicultural, basis-democratic collectives/community centres in Copenhagen, with the exception of the Freetown Christiania. Property rights remained in the hands of the local council, which in 1999 decided to disregard the previous political compromise and sell the house to the highest bidder. [Read More]

Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset eviction

At 7 ‘o’ clock this morning. Danish police, together with anti-terror para military forces, arrived at Ungdomshuset to begin the eviction. Tear gas was spray through windows and firefigthing equipment was used to spray the building. 4 Anti-terror police was lowered from a helicopter, while bulldozers stared to clear the barricades from below.

The police has arrested 20 people inside the house, and about 35 outside so far, one german activist was rushed to the hospital, along with 2 others. The police now holds the house, and riots and battles is taking place in the streets all over Copenhagen. The borders are being watched for travelling activist.

There are rumors about the plans to tear the house down soon will take place.

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Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset communique

February 27th, 2007

Dear friends from near and far. WE’RE STILL HERE!

We stay strong and in high spirits despite the pressures of our current situation. The political negotiations have broken down since the city council has refused to accept our demands and we have refused their sorry offer.

The last six months have been an endless man ifestation of strength, and the level of activity in and around the house has never been as high as now. This is thanks to the massive local and international support we have recieved.

Our hearts are warmed by the news of solidarity actions in Denmark, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Norway, Finland and Holland among many others.

We send out a huge thanks for all the actions taken by so many.YOU are the reason why Ungdomshuset still exists as an active autonomous freespace. [Read More]