Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset eviction

At 7 ‘o’ clock this morning. Danish police, together with anti-terror para military forces, arrived at Ungdomshuset to begin the eviction. Tear gas was spray through windows and firefigthing equipment was used to spray the building. 4 Anti-terror police was lowered from a helicopter, while bulldozers stared to clear the barricades from below.

The police has arrested 20 people inside the house, and about 35 outside so far, one german activist was rushed to the hospital, along with 2 others. The police now holds the house, and riots and battles is taking place in the streets all over Copenhagen. The borders are being watched for travelling activist.

There are rumors about the plans to tear the house down soon will take place.

A demonstration will take place at 5 ‘o’ clock at Blaagaards Plads, and actions and protests will take place in the days to come.

Infopoints for international activists coming to Copenhagen Ungdomshuset is being evicted, and we are now setting up infopoints to help activists with practical such as how to get around, where to sleep and find communal kitchens. the infopoints can be contacted on the following numbers:
(+45) 26 90 75 07 and (+45) 26 90 75 08