Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset communique

February 27th, 2007

Dear friends from near and far. WE’RE STILL HERE!

We stay strong and in high spirits despite the pressures of our current situation. The political negotiations have broken down since the city council has refused to accept our demands and we have refused their sorry offer.

The last six months have been an endless man ifestation of strength, and the level of activity in and around the house has never been as high as now. This is thanks to the massive local and international support we have recieved.

Our hearts are warmed by the news of solidarity actions in Denmark, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Norway, Finland and Holland among many others.

We send out a huge thanks for all the actions taken by so many.YOU are the reason why Ungdomshuset still exists as an active autonomous freespace.

Facing few ways out, the eviction now seems nearer than ever. Therefore we call all of our friends to act now and when Ungdomshuset is evicted. We encourage you to come to Copenhagen or act in solidarity in your own community. Make plans. Get ready.

There will be activity in the city during and after an eviction and practicalities like sleeping facilities for international supporters have been taken care of. Ungdomshuset stands for us as an arrowhead example of the states war on counterculture and alternative spaces. This is why we choose to set an example in our defense of the house.

Keep up the resistance! Ungdomshuset stays!