Berlin: Update on the International Call for Action and Discussion Days

International Call for Action and Discussion Days in Berlin 30.10.-01.11.2020
United We Fight! Connect Urban Struggles – Defend Autonomous Spaces

As Interkiezionale we keep up our 9 September call to the international action and discussion days of 30.10.-01.11.2020! We would like to inform you briefly about the current status of the preparations.

The spread of the Corona Pandemic, especially in a cold autumn like this one, and the governmental measures and regulations that accompany it, present us with new challenges. Clearly, we must and want to take care of each other and not endanger our health. At the same time, we see it as a necessity and not an arbitrary voluntary decision to continue our struggles in urban areas and, accordingly, to discuss and come together.

From the call:

“We are traversing a critical period, both for society and for radical movements worldwide. Under the dogma of “law and order”, state and capital are intensifying their attack on society and trying to further their dominance of all aspects of everyday life, stopping every collective vision and claim, and every perspective of resistance and struggle.
The European capitalist rules, through evictions and police operations, are trying to get rid of all the rebellious neighborhoods in the metropolitan fields. The examples are numerous. From Italy and the eviction of squat Asilo in Turin, in February of 2019, to Greece and the referendum, the evictions of various squats and the police presence in the neighborhood of Exarcheia, the constant attack to every movement that chooses to resist is constantly being intensified.

Recognizing Berlin as the capital of one of the most dominant capitalist countries worldwide, we aim to intensify the social struggle in the heart of the beast. Giving a strong answer and creating perspectives against one of the most unbearable states of the world, that consists a model for many countries worldwide and which through its bureaucracy and structures infiltrates all the aspects of our lives leaving no space for self organization and anti-institutional struggles, will create a legacy not only for the local movement but for every rebellious cell worldwide.”

Even though we as Interkiezionale invite centrally to Berlin, we are aware that it will not be possible for some people to travel here and therefore want to emphasize that events or actions do not only have to take place here in Berlin in order to contribute their part to our call, enrich it and initiate discussions. Whether it’s a communique from an action, a discussion text or a position , we’re looking forward already to things you may send us in before, during or after the days.


In the days, there will be various discussion and info events, an open assembly and a joint demonstration, which – moved by the evacuation of Liebig34 on 9 October – will go through Friedrichshain. You can find out more about the program on the blog

From the call:

“We want to use this opportunity to make the anarchist perspective more visible and bring the discussion about our ideas, praxis and strategies forward. The days prior to the demonstration on 31 October will offer space for a plenary assembly, exchange, discussions and ways of actions on our common goals, strategies, occupying ground and collective defense.

We consider this demonstration as an opportunity to come together to create a breach in their plans and multiple moments of ragefull, dynamic and militant experiences in which we abandon the defensive role and instead take the street as an active and offensive movement.Thus we hope to make these days part of a continuous discourse and not yet another unconnected event with no followup.”

And furthermore:

Open Assembly on Sunday, 25th at 4pm in the yard of Köpi (Köpenicker Str. 137):

“The eviction of Liebig34 is over, and with it an era. We want to come together and talk to you about the eviction: how are you? How was the day of the eviction for you? Did you participate in the Day X actions in the morning and in the evening? If so, how were they for you? If you weren’t there, we are interested in why. What can we learn for the next eviction?
There is also information for the discussion and action weekend “United We Fight” from 30.10.-1.11.” (Please wear masks & dress warmly!)”

In this context we would like to refer to a chronicle of actions around the evacuation of Liebig34 and at the same time draw attention to a new news platform for Berlin: Kontrapolis.

Lets bring our rage together!
Nothing is over.

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