Caen: Eleventh eviction in 4 months!

This morning, around 8:00 am, the gendarmerie evicted the three houses of the Cité de la Sucrerie in Cagny, squatted since September 9 by 7 families of Albanian and Kosovar origin. The procedure initiated by the multinational company Südzucker, owner of the premises, was quick. The deliberation reached us very late on Monday, October 5, day of the passage of the judicial officer who gave us an order to leave the premises within 48 hours! This one, very partial, was totally unfavorable to us, because it stipulated that the right to housing is of lower value than the right to property, and none of our arguments were retained. Those of the opposing party, which were not at all supported, were all retained: the unsanitary condition of the premises, the houses for sale on September 10, the day after their occupation as if by coincidence, the occupation, the failure to send the children to school even though we had produced the school certificates, the failure to seek housing on the part of families who “prefer” to squat, the implication of illegal income, etc.

We immediately appealed the decision and organized a press conference with our lawyer in Cagny on Tuesday October 6, then asked for an hourly summary judgment so that the appeal, which will take place in a few months, would have suspensive effect, a request that was refused the following Wednesday.

In addition, the numerous daily visits of the gendarmerie put a lot of pressure on the 7 families. The families were even summoned to the gendarmerie in Moult for a “thorough examination of the situation” which lasted from one and a half to two hours each and during which the gendarmes insisted, using intimidation techniques, that the residents leave the squats. Following these interviews, the gendarmerie gave an OQTF (Obligation to leave France) and an IRTF (Prohibition of return on French territory) to a family on Sunday October 11. The 6 other families who were not present have not yet received anything. This morning, only one family was present during the eviction, as several families had preferred to leave the houses, while others only spent the night and left very early in the morning.

Last Saturday, about thirty people (supporters, inhabitants of squats including those in Cagny and migrants living in Ouistreham) demonstrated in Paris, alongside thousands of demonstrators from all over France to demand equal rights and regularization of all undocumented migrants during Act 3 of the solidarity march. In order to fight against the nauseating policies of Macron and his government, which are wreaking havoc all over France and on the borders of Europe, we will have to further amplify the mobilization to reverse the balance of power during the upcoming Act 4.

Assemblée Générale de Lutte contre toutes les expulsions
Caen, France
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Squat de la Cité de la Sucrerie
5 Cité de la Sucrerie, Cagny, France

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