Berlin: Liebig34, another trial against our house!

On August 26, the default decree of June 3 was again confirmed in the Berlin Regional Court against the association Raduga e.V., which has left the house beginning of this year. The new verdict does not come as a surprise; here, once again, the court is acting in the interests of the owner and his capital interests, negotiating a living space as an object of speculation. In Padovicz’s sense, the Liebig is to be evicted as soon as possible. In addition, the property shark is to get 20,000 euros stuck in his throat. It took only half an hour for the Berlin judiciary to once again judge the fate of the people in the Liebig. Half an hour to decide whether people should be put on the street or not.

The association will appeal and bring the case to the court of appeal. We can still be evicted at any time, but Padovicz would have to raise a substantial „security deposit“ of 60,000 €. Not unlikely given his assets.
We do not recognize this judgment either politically or legally. Raduga e.V. has not been sitting in the rooms at Liebigstraße34 for a long time and there is no eviction order against the current association „Mittendrin.kommunikation und anderes e.V.“. Furthermore, the Liebig is treated as an industry. It is however living space and must be regarded this way. In the thoroughly gentrified Berlin of the rich, more and more spaces that build up small utopias in the heart of the beast outside of consumerism and greed for profit have to vanish. We do not want to and will not surrender to this dynamic without resistance.

And if another 100 courts decide that our queer feminist house project should become another faceless concrete block, we will stay. Feminist, non-conformist, unpleasant and unforgiving.

The days of action from September 7-13 are a way for us to show everywhere that the Liebig remains and that we will take our anger about the conditions now and always to the streets.

No eviction attempt without (re)action! Liebig34 stays!
You have the power, we have the night!

If you are looking for a sleeping place in Berlin, because of the action week, you can contact this e-mail: witches-need-sleep [at] riseup [dot] net . You can ask for the pgp key or find it here.
Program and events of the action week 07.09 – 13.09.20 are announced here.

Liebigstraße 34, 10247 Berlin
liebig34 [at] riseup [dot] net

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