London: Hobo Hilton

Around 50 activists have occupied a disused BT building in High Holborn in Central London, and renamed it the HOBO HILTON. It is billed as a free space open platform for education, creativity, revolutionary work groups and activities.

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Netherlands: Police threatens websitehost without court order

[PRESS RELEASE] – Thursday evening, september 27th, the Utrecht police called PUSCII, the hoster facilitating the Bikefest 2012 website. In this call the hoster was put under pressure to take the site offline. The officer mentioned he had a court order to take the site down as it was calling out to disturb the peace. No such order was ever shown.

Bikefest is an event focused on durability, bicycles and ‘Do It Yourself’ bikerepair and maintenance. The fourth edition of this event was planned to be held in Utrecht for the first time. Previous editions in Scheveningen and Amsterdam have never led to any troubles, nor did they disturb the peace.

On friday the municipality of Utrecht sent a letter to the location where Bikefest was to be held. Herein it orders the eviction of the building, based on firesafety regulations. It seems unlikely this is the true reason, as the building is a stable construction of steel and concrete, has many escape routes and has several extinguishers placed throughout the building. [Read More]

UK: The First Squatter Is Jailed

This afternoon, on my way back from a disturbing bike ride around Mayfair, where money is almost literally oozing out of every orifice of those who find it easier than ever to enrich themselves at the expense of society as a whole, I arrived back at Charing Cross, to catch the train back to south east London, where I was confronted by the front page of the Evening Standard announcing, “London Squatter First to Be Jailed,” which threw me into an angry depression.
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Friends, allies, freaks, comrades, Sweep over Toulouse (France)

We are a hundred of people (with 25 children) and more than a hundred of people committed in the workshops and activities of the Toulouse Self-Organized Social Center. We are threatened by a close eviction.

In a few days, the State will send us its cops to throw us back to the streets, destroy the place and leave its 5400 square meters empty, as it has been for 6 years, without any project, as dead as possible.

For now, we dont have any solution to live in, and we ‘ve decided to stay. We dont want to give up on our house and it’s the only thing we have left to lose. [Read More]

France: Call for a three day actions against evictions, October 13th till 15th

This year, numerous collectives all around France have been struggling against all kind of misery: children living in the street, precarious housing conditions, people going to be evicted, precarious working conditions, undocumented people… and to deal in an autonomous way towards their needs regarding housing, food, freedom of movement. After getting feed back from all around, some people have decided to gather and coordinate themselves.
From August 31st till September 2nd, at the CREA Social Center in Toulouse, to be evicted and desvastated by the State a few days later, some individuals gathered in order to discuss and exchange tools, knowledge and empowered themselves.
As all forms of misery are politically organized by the State, people have to organized themselves. The State is not part of the solution, the State is the problem itself. From that meeting came out this call: [Read More]

Czech anarchist, advocate of Romani people’s rights, has passed away

Political scientist Ondřej Slačálek has informed the Czech Press Agency that the famous Czech anarchist and defender of the rights of Romani people, Jakub Polák, passed away yesterday. The activist succumbed to cancer just after turning 60. In the months before his death he was engaged in the case of the evictions of people living in the buildings on Přednádraží street in Ostrava-Přívoz.

Jakub Polák was born on 1 September 1952 in Karlovy Vary and became involved in public life in 1968, as a result of which he was forbidden from enrolling into higher education. He was part of the dissident and underground movements in the years after 1968. In 1989 he was a co-founder of the strike committee and actively contributed to the events of the Velvet Revolution. However, from the beginning of his public life he advocated for alternative political stances, which led him to join the ranks of the “Left Alternative” (Levá alternativa – LA), where he was active as its executive secretary. There he became a member of the anarchist wing of the LA, which later left the LA to become the Czechoslovak Anarchist Association (Československé anarchistické sdružení – ČAS). In 1990 Jakub Polák co-founded the first squat in Prague on plk. Sochora street. Together with people from ČAS he began publishing the A-Kontra magazine in 1991, which became the main publication of the anarchist movement as it came into being during the first half of the 1990s. At that time he was considered the unofficial spokesperson of Czech anarchism. [Read More]

New York: Solidarity with Casablanca

Today at noon activists in solidarity with the struggle to reclaim Casablanca Social Center in Madrid gathered in front of the Spanish Consulate on East 58th Street in Manhattan, New York City.
Met by a squad of police, the activists engaged passersby and members of the Spanish Consulate on their lunch break. After an hour the activists made an attempt to enter the premises but were told thet they were barred from the building! Our lawyer attempted to negotiate … but we were told we would be arrested if we persisted …
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Madrid: CSOA Casablanca evicted

Communique from the Casablanca Assembly immediately after the eviction Wednesday September 19, 2012

Today, at 7 am, the police have forcibly evicted without notice the squatted and self-managed social center Casablanca, situated at calle Santa Isabel 21-23, in Madrid, Spain.

This was totally illegal eviction. A magistrate’s court and the Provincial Court of Madrid firm filed the criminal case started building ownership. It is illegal to reopen the case, and it is illegal we have not been notified of the decision to evict.
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Calais: After the jungles

Three years ago the Pashto jungle was evicted and razed to the ground, under the eyes and camera lenses of the world media. 276 Afghans, almost half of them underage boys, were arrested. Some No Borders activists and charity volunteers, who had tried to defend them, were brutally assaulted by police. The Afghans were all released the day after by order of the judges, as the police had not followed procedures.

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London: Successful eviction resistance

The forces of darkness descended on the peaceful, commercial Hackney property this morning in order to carry out their wrong doing. They were met, however, by a rather large crowd who stood their ground and defended the fact that everyone has a right to a home. The 20 occupants of Dove Row remain in their home despite the wishes of capitalist property developers. Viva la resistance – homes for all!!
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Thessaloniki: Communique from one of the comrades imprisoned at Delta Squat eviction

Letter from the imprisoned comrades before the trial takes part.
The trial finished the 14-09-2012.
9 comrades released with accusations and 1 probably will be deported from Greece
Translations are welcome, links to/and actions of solidarity, too…

We all live in an economic politic system, tightly closed and illiberal, which defends with every way the interests of the bosses, every kind, of overhead.

On the other side of the scale, there are the oppressed, all who face daily the problem of survival. The biggest part of the society, a few hundred million, are on the limits of poverty, receives daily attack from the small class of the bosses, with their protectors of their wealth, their command applicators, the state and the authority. Especially the last years, with the new economic crisis invented by the bosses, which is nothing but an obvious restructuring and re-accumulation of wealth for their benefit, and an attempt of total control of every aspect of society, more and more people find themselves in a desperate situation and they decide to take their lives in their hands.

So they decide to create unmediated social structures, away from the coercive logic of capitalism and the relationships which defined by money. [Read More]

Poznań: Solidarity with the Residents of Stolarska 2

Residents of a tenement in Poznań have been harassed for months by thugs hired by the building’s new owners. Because they cannot be evicted quickly through legal measures, residents have been subject to stalking, intimidation and blackmail; under the cover of renovation works, most of their amenities, including running water and gas, have been cut off. The building was purposefully infested with rats and insects, and many apartments have been substantially devastated.
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