London: Hackney Safer Neighbourhood MPS station attacked during Million Mask March

Freedom‘s note: Whilst the Million Mask March was shutting down Central London (as well as being kettled and arrested), it appears an autonomous group of anarchists took matters into their own hands and protested the recent actions of the police in a direct way. The below statement has appeared on the 325 website along with a picture of a smashed window and ‘ACAB’ graffiti. This has been confirmed by our correspondent on the ground whose more recent photo is at the bottom of the article. It is encouraging to see actions taking place out of the usual designated protest zones in London and into everyday communities who feel the brunt of police violence. [Read More]

UK: Squatting as a solution to the housing crisis

The occupation of the former police station on Lower Clapton Road by Hackney residents who describe themselves as “not political” but homeless provides the owners – namely Free School Trust the Olive School – with the opportunity to prove their claimed commitment to “community service and charitable giving”, as reported on their website.

The Olive School must act humanely and negotiate with the occupiers to find a mutually beneficial deal that allows the occupiers to remain in the building until refurbishment commences.
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Hackney, London: 52B Well Street evicted

A delayed update!

Last week we were evicted by High Court bailiffs after loosing court on the 30th January 2014. We made various attempts to contact the owners and negotiate an appropriate leaving date, to coincide with work commencing on the building, but the developers had no interest in speaking with us. The papers for court which inevitably led to our eviction was the only sign the owners gave us that they wanted us to leave. All too typical for squatting.

Additionally to the eviction of 52B (including 1 Shore Place, the living space for part of the crew, which included the popular anarcha-corridoor), an elderly lady who had been asked to leave by March 2014 was prematurely evicted, while the final pair of tenants in 52D narrowly avoided eviction, but are still due to leave on 15th February 2014. [Read More]

London: Peoples Kitchen returns to Hackney & Open Day at 52B Well Street this Saturday

Peoples kitchen returns to Hackney after a festive break, continuing every Thursday from 7pm with free/donation based food and film screening after.

So come check out our new home for the social centre at 52B Well Street, E9 7PX, and let us know what you think (or how YOU can make it better!)

A public open day will also be taking place on Saturday 11th January for our ‘official’ opening. [Read More]

Hackney, London: New social centre coming soon & statement from 195 Mare Street collective

We are delighted to announce that there is a new home for the social centre.  The new location is conveniently close to the previous building, and will be revealed when we are ready to launch.

There is scope to continue many of the activities that occurred at Mare St, such as free shop, social/info evenings, language classes, reading groups, meetings, art classes, people’s kitchen, queer events, screenings and much more.   Confirmed opening times and the timetabling of activities will follow shortly. [Read More]

London: 195 Mare Street evicted (again)

Today (Monday 16th December, 2013), high court bailiffs evicted 195 Mare St in a morning raid. The eviction was relatively brief. Most of our useful equipment has been moved to a nearby location and will be used for projects in the near future. Watch this space for developments.

Hackney, London: Free School next week at Mare Street

50+ events over 7 days now organised!

195 Mare Street, Hackney, London.

The week has been split as follows:

  • Mon 18th  Resistance / Awareness
  • Tue 19th  DIY / Cooking
  • Wed 20th  Technology / Ecology
  • Thu 21st  Housing / Benefits / Practical Squatting
  • Fri 22nd  Queer and Feminist
  • Sat 23rd  Arts / Music / Creative
  • Sun 24th  Arts / Music / Creative

For list of events (and updates) see: 195 Mare Street @ [Read More]

Hackney, London: Art School starting up at 195 Mare Street Social Centre next week

Hello everybody. Your social center at Mare Street is back with an art school open for all!

Born from the creative needs of our residents and our friends, we are building an art studio, a darkroom and a series of workshops where you can come, learn and share your skills with everybody.

Our art studio and darkroom are being built from scrap and every help is welcome. Today we are starting to clear the space on our basement that will give place to these. If you want to help us out just show up today with good working mood and let’s all make this happen! Also we will need some materials to start working, so if you have something around that can help it would be great. [Read More]

Hackney, London: Builders force entry to damage 195 Mare Street – help needed

Today at approximately 10:05 a.m. as two of us were returning from scavenging fruit and vegetables a group of about a dozen builders forced entry into the social center.  They then proceeded to affix a notice board to the wall declaring that the building was a construction site. We notified them that the property was legally occupied in accordance with the 1977 Criminal Law Act and that they had committed an offence by breaking into the building while it so occupied. Apparently unconcerned that their conduct was illegal, they proceeded to begin gutting the building while we were inside it. They also proceeded to disconnect the buildings water, by cutting the pipe connecting to the water main.

The builders were employed by CS Solutions and their supervisor was Jim Casey, the same man who had similarly threatened us weeks ago.  No planning permission has been granted for any work to be done on the building; despite this and despite the building’s listed status they proceeded in doing significant damage to the downstairs. [Read More]

Hackney, London: 195 Mare Street first open day!

Well yesterday went really well. We finally had the front gate and door open to allow people into 195 Mare Street. Visitors were treated to our free shop (some local fashionistas probably had a bit too much fun), all day long food (salad, veggies, curry, barley…yum yum!), a Chilean film and then later live performances on kazoo and guitar.

Dozens came in – mostly just off of the street – and it was lovely having people stop as walking by, taking a look at our boards by the gate and then coming in for more. Plenty of folks came in with their children and this including a beautiful moment when one of our all-in-one baby outfits from the free shop found a new home. We attracted friends, of course, but also a lot of people we had never met before. People gave us gifts, told us about what they wanted from the social centre, how the could contribute and a good few told us about housing struggles. Others sat in our pretty cafe area, eating and enjoying the surroundings and watching those exploring the free shop or sneaking a quick peak at other parts of the building. [Read More]

Hackney, London: Check out 195 Mare Street

Everyone woke up super enthusiastic this morning ready to start the day. Downstairs free shop area looks almost unrecognisable – its suddenly viable again how much space there really is. We’ve going to have a great area to do some workshops while we continue to work on the rest of the building. [Read More]

Hackney, London, UK: 195 Mare Street squatted

Only a few days here at 195 and its clear that we seem to be attracting attention from people passing by.  I guess its a mix of seeing us grinding hard in the front garden, reading our signs on the gates and quite simply not be able to walk past such a big and beautiful building without noticing it. 195 Mare street really does stand out on the main road. It has been extremely refreshing to speak with people all from different journeys. So far we have received only a positive response from the local community. Sharing ideas feels wonderful and exciting and its always fun showing people the awesome space that we now have for use.  We are beginning to visualize what this place is going to evolve into.

[Read More]

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