France: Call for a three day actions against evictions, October 13th till 15th

This year, numerous collectives all around France have been struggling against all kind of misery: children living in the street, precarious housing conditions, people going to be evicted, precarious working conditions, undocumented people… and to deal in an autonomous way towards their needs regarding housing, food, freedom of movement. After getting feed back from all around, some people have decided to gather and coordinate themselves.
From August 31st till September 2nd, at the CREA Social Center in Toulouse, to be evicted and desvastated by the State a few days later, some individuals gathered in order to discuss and exchange tools, knowledge and empowered themselves.
As all forms of misery are politically organized by the State, people have to organized themselves. The State is not part of the solution, the State is the problem itself. From that meeting came out this call:

– to go on with with coordinating collectives and groups, with the planing of new meetings, an information and action network.

– an action week-end all other France from October 13th till 15th, simultaneous actions against all forms of evictions.

People involved with La Patate Chaude (Grenoble), Réseau 22 rue des Alpes (Grenoble), Les mal-logés acharnés (Paris), CREA et campagne de réquisition (Toulouse), GPS (Toulouse), Collectif Urgence Précarité 44 (Nantes), Intersquat Montpellier, Mission squat médecins du monde, La Petite Rockette (Paris), L’art ou Libre (Fontenay-sous-Bois), Abris d’Urgence Totale (Toulouse).