Friends, allies, freaks, comrades, Sweep over Toulouse (France)

We are a hundred of people (with 25 children) and more than a hundred of people committed in the workshops and activities of the Toulouse Self-Organized Social Center. We are threatened by a close eviction.

In a few days, the State will send us its cops to throw us back to the streets, destroy the place and leave its 5400 square meters empty, as it has been for 6 years, without any project, as dead as possible.

For now, we dont have any solution to live in, and we ‘ve decided to stay. We dont want to give up on our house and it’s the only thing we have left to lose.

Comrades from here from other cities and other countries, we need you.
We need your strenght to stand up for this struggle, these lives, this extraordinary place.

Come over to Toulouse from this very week-end (29, 30 september)
We will host you, and we ‘ll chat, meet each other and organize ourselves to open other houses. Let’s fight together to prevent the Social Center from being evicted !

Let’s show the wealthy and the powerfull people that we’re about to defend  what we love. And take back what we own.
Working-class self-defense
Everything for everyone, Power to the people !