Toulouse (France): Call for 10 days of People’s self-defense

From Friday 15th to Sunday 24th April 2016 @ the self-managed social center in Toulouse (C.S.A)

For almost 5 years now, we, members of the CREA (Campagne de Réquisition, d’Entraide et d’Autogestion ; meaning : Requisition, Mutual Aid and Self-managing campaign) [occupy] private and public empties for housing, organising and living regarding to our own needs and with our own ressources. We refuse to watch a city change according to rich people desires and see financial interests wage war to poor people. Since the very beginning of our campaign, We oppose the speculative logic of misery organised by the authorities in charge and by capitalism because We aim for living in dignity ; and, as could be expected, We suffer a repression which only increases every year. [Read More]

Friends, allies, freaks, comrades, Sweep over Toulouse (France)

We are a hundred of people (with 25 children) and more than a hundred of people committed in the workshops and activities of the Toulouse Self-Organized Social Center. We are threatened by a close eviction.

In a few days, the State will send us its cops to throw us back to the streets, destroy the place and leave its 5400 square meters empty, as it has been for 6 years, without any project, as dead as possible.

For now, we dont have any solution to live in, and we ‘ve decided to stay. We dont want to give up on our house and it’s the only thing we have left to lose. [Read More]