Heraklion: Evagelismos resquatted

Today December 1, 2023, we resquatted Evagelismos, giving our final response to the repression and militarization of our neighborhood and the wider city center.

We are here, in the place where two months ago our comrade A. was almost found dead at the hands of bastards in uniforms when armed forces of ECM and OPKE invaded the building. In the same spot, where for two months all kinds of cops have been harassing passers-by and neighbors, afraid of sitting on the steps of the building. At the same point, which by order of the Senate of the University of Cyprus, the historic building of of Evagelismos was sealed and suffered numerous damages by the tons of cement they poured. All the above were considered “collateral” damage, according to the Rector, in order to return the building to its rightful owner, at the same time, of course, returning to its previous state, devastated and abandoned and far away from being a public space. Today -all together- we validate in practice, what the whole city knows: THE EVAGELISMOS SQUAT WILL STAY.

Over the past 21 years, the Evagelismos squat has accommodated the desires and needs of hundreds of people who have passed through it. It is our home, it is a meeting point, it is a symbol of resistance and struggle for the city of Heraklion. The people of Evagelismos, as part of the movement and the local community, have fought and participated in struggles and will continue to do so. We remain on the side of history, the oppressed and the persecuted, the rebels and the militants. Against individualization, misery and frustration. Against racism, fascism and patriarchy. Against the state and capital.

The Big House is back.

-21 years of history are not extinguished by an evacuation, just as the flame in our eyes and hearts is not extinguished by repression-

We call on people to support the solidarity rally at this time at the Evagelismos Squat (Theotokopoulou 18, Heraklion, Crete)

Solidarity with the struggling people of Palestine

Power to all antifascists who fought fascists and cops on November 1st.

Solidarity with comrade B.

The same story once again – the cops shot because they were Roma. We do not forget the state murders of Nikos S., Costas F., Christos M.

Good luck to comrade Paula Roupa and comrade Kostas Dimalexis who were recently released.

We send signals of resistance to all squats throughout Greece that have been or are threatened with repression.

Our thoughts with comrade A.

PS. A big thank you to the neighbors who showed us their solidarity, but also to all the people who stood with us all this time and brought each time today one step closer.

Reconquest is just the beginning!

Evagelismos squat
Θεοτοκοπούλου 18
Heraklion, Crete
evagelismos [dot] squat [at] espiv [dot] net

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