Heraklion: Evagelismos squat threatened with new eviction

Evangelismos Squat is threatened once again, we will not surrender, we will fight back!

During the last few days we received information regarding an upcoming eviction of Evangelismos squat, just shortly after the evictions of the Kastelli Hill squats in Chania, in the form of a total attack against squats in Crete. The possibility of a new operation was something that was also indicated by the deal between University of Crete and National Technical University of Athens for a building survey, costing 744.000€. At this point, we have valid and specific information about this upcoming eviction as well, since counting 22 years of struggle, Evangelismos is part of the local society of Heraklion, with deep roots and networks within it, and we are in a position to know anything. [Read More]

Heraklion: Evagelismos resquatted

Today December 1, 2023, we resquatted Evagelismos, giving our final response to the repression and militarization of our neighborhood and the wider city center.

We are here, in the place where two months ago our comrade A. was almost found dead at the hands of bastards in uniforms when armed forces of ECM and OPKE invaded the building. In the same spot, where for two months all kinds of cops have been harassing passers-by and neighbors, afraid of sitting on the steps of the building. At the same point, which by order of the Senate of the University of Cyprus, the historic building of of Evagelismos was sealed and suffered numerous damages by the tons of cement they poured. All the above were considered “collateral” damage, according to the Rector, in order to return the building to its rightful owner, at the same time, of course, returning to its previous state, devastated and abandoned and far away from being a public space. Today -all together- we validate in practice, what the whole city knows: THE EVAGELISMOS SQUAT WILL STAY. [Read More]

Greece: Two months of repression against antiauthoritarian squats and social spaces

About the recently attacks over the last 2 months by the Greek police State on the anarchist antiauthoritarian squats “self-managed hangouts” and social spaces.

At dawn on Friday 25 August, 2023 cop forces of all kinds surround and evacuate the squats “self-managed hangout Ano Kato Patision” (since 1996)… [Read More]

Heraklion: neither 21 nor 100, squat forever in Evagelismos

Text of the people arrested during the evacuation of Evagelismos Squat in Heraklion, after 21 years of history

In the early hours of Saturday 30.09.2023, around 5:30 in the morning, cops of various forces overrun the neighborhood of Theotokopoulou. People living in the Evagelismos squat wake up to the sound of broken glasses and metal shaking from the blows. After the very short time during which the police forces managed to enter the building, they find half of the people inside it, and half on the terrace above it. The people inside the building are immobilized in rooms by the intervening forces (OPKE, EKAM), while EKAM proceed to intervene on the terrace. At this point there is tension between the people on the roof and the cops trying to approach them, which ends when the cops manage to reach us, to avoid violence towards us. They lay us on our faces and tie us up, some with handcuffs and others more roughly. [Read More]

Heraklion: the whole city knows it. Evagelismos does not surrender

On Saturday morning, numerous police forces stormed inside Evagelismos Squat. 10 comrades were arrested, one of whom -while being handcuffed- was led to fall from the roof of the building, and is currently still in the hospital. The sealing of the building with iron plates started immediately. The comrades were transferred to the General Police Directorate of Heraklion, where they were charged, while the injured comrade was being held separately and not receiving the necessary medical care. Outside the building dynamic reflex reactions took place, resulting in the arrest of one more comrade. Reactions that continue in the following days…

The first public information about a possible evacuation operation had been released on September 20, with statements by the General Secretary of Higher Education and former rector of the University of Crete Od. Zoras, regarding the evacuation and “utilization” of the building. Thus, on Thursday September 28, we did an intervention in the University’s online Senate, where a text was read. The current rector G. Kontakis -who was in Rethymno at that time- had an sarcastic tone and avoided making any comments. [Read More]

Crete: Call-out for support from Evagelismos squat


Evagelismos Squat in Heraklion Crete is a space with a continuous 17-year history in the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement. From May 2002 until today, it has given small and big battles, contributing with a small tile in the mosaic that is Anarchism in Greece. In July 2008, there was an ultimatum and subsequent threat of evacuation from the Dean of the University of Crete. Same with January of 2013 during the crackdown on squats by the Minister of Public Order, Dendias. In both cases we got to work and thanks to the solidarity from the movement, we have managed to still be here. However, despite the repression from the state, spaces such as this require continuous engagement and improving so as to continue to satisfy the needs of the movement. During the summer of 2015, we took it upon ourselves to repair the front facade of the building, based solely on our powers and ,of course, those of the movement. This summer, we are at a crossroads regarding the livability of the movement’s infrastructures. [Read More]

Greece: reprisals after state crackdown on migrant squats

20160729_Syriza_offices_occupied_Thessaloniki_Greece_Last Wednesday (27th July), the Greek state evicted three squats occupied by migrants in the city of Thessaloniki, triggering reprisals by rebels in the city and beyond. This follows the eviction of the camp at Piraeus port, Athens and the expulsion of a new social centre in Lesvos.

Anarchists in Thessaloniki responded by invading a cathedral during mass, and setting fire to the offices of the company carrying out the demolition work. A number of Syriza offices in Greece were occupied, while Minister Alekos Flambouraris’s home was attacked in Athens, reportedly with molotovs. In Turin, Italy, the Greek consulate was graffitied. In Crete, comrades set fire to a church. [Read More]