Crete: Call-out for support from Evagelismos squat


Evagelismos Squat in Heraklion Crete is a space with a continuous 17-year history in the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement. From May 2002 until today, it has given small and big battles, contributing with a small tile in the mosaic that is Anarchism in Greece. In July 2008, there was an ultimatum and subsequent threat of evacuation from the Dean of the University of Crete. Same with January of 2013 during the crackdown on squats by the Minister of Public Order, Dendias. In both cases we got to work and thanks to the solidarity from the movement, we have managed to still be here. However, despite the repression from the state, spaces such as this require continuous engagement and improving so as to continue to satisfy the needs of the movement. During the summer of 2015, we took it upon ourselves to repair the front facade of the building, based solely on our powers and ,of course, those of the movement. This summer, we are at a crossroads regarding the livability of the movement’s infrastructures.

These last few years, the building infrastructure of Evagelismos Squat faces a series of problems, the most major one being the oxidation of the metal bars in the pillars in the rear side of the building. The situation is so severe, that if not taken care of soon, there will be serious problems with the structural stability of the squat. For the last year, we have been planning on the restoring the damages. However, the bad weather of the last few months has worsened the situation. During the last inspection this spring, civil engineer comrades communicated to us in a serious manner that, unless restoration work takes place during the summer, there is the threat of part of the building collapsing, forcing us to act quickly.

With this in mind and after continuous research, the restoration work was appraised at 12500 euros, much more than the initial estimations. Since the nature of the work involves intervening in the structural elements, it is not possible to be done by us. Special know-how is needed. The current appraisal is this much because the labor will be done by the people of the squat. Regarding the cost, a payment of 1700 euros is to be made each week. Even if for just one week the payment is not made, the work will halt indefinitely. Due to the severity of the situation, last week we took the risk and agreed for the work to start the week after the events of the 17th anniversary of the Squat (1st of July) up until the first days of August.

The squat’s funds are currently 4500 euros. 8000 more are needed. The most direct ways of increasing those funds are through the events of the anniversary, the open bars each Friday and some money gifted by comrades that are active in the squat.Right now, we have no idea how much of the 8000 can be collected. The only thing that is certain is that had we more time, we would collect that sum through our own efforts. At this moment, our challenge is promptly gathering the remaining sum. This email is aimed at comrades and groups in the aim of supporting our struggle.

How you can help.

We realize that is demand is very much a last moment resort, but it is not our fault. The unforeseeable factor of the restoration work is its appraisal. If you have the capacity to support us through the organization of events, live events, parties or whatever else you think efficient, this would help immensely. Otherwise we want to stress that if any money that is stashed away for activist use is offered to us, we will return the amount as soon as possible. We would not have the audacity of asking otherwise. We do because Evagelismos might cease to exist without your help.

We want to make clear that this choice of ours is not influenced by some fixation on walls and buildings. Evagelismos is a hub of groups, theory and action oriented, anarchist and anti authoritarian groups, antifascist groups, labor groups, feminist groups, antimilitary and antiwar groups, groups aimed at building solidarity with political prisoners, labor collectives, a library, bookstore, gym, music studio and other spaces for activity or studying. Evagelismos is the people and the actions that were created here, are being created here and those -through our efforts- will continue to be created here. The
territorialization of the anarchist struggle through this building a reference point of both the city of Heraklion and the island of Crete as well as for the self-organized spaces in Greece. Finally, Evagelismos is a challenge for us. A challenge of honest coexistence of all the different political political schools of thought in the same space.



PS: If you have the ability to support us, please contact us through mail: evagelismos [dot] squat [at] espiv [dot] net. We base our hope on your eager response and your solidarity. We are bound to show you the warmest hospitality when -and if- this adventure ends.
PS 2 : For any questions, contact us through the squats mail.

Evagelismos squat
Θεοτοκοπούλου 18
Heraklion, Crete

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