Berlin: Tuntenhaus update

What happened?

February 2024

The Tuntenhaus has been sold to persons still unknown to us.

The district of Pankow would like to use the municipal right of first refusal to hand over the Tuntenhaus to a non-profit organization. We are in talks with a cooperative.

March 2024

A large public and support for the preservation of the Tuntenhaus is quickly gained. Many discussions with politicians from the CDU, SPD, B90/The Greens and Die Linke are ongoing in the background. There is also a lively exchange with other house projects.

On March 21, the motion by B90/The Greens & Die Linke “Preventing the displacement of the Tuntenhaus” will be discussed in the Berlin House of Deputies. It calls on the Senate to create the financial conditions for implementing the right of first refusal. CDU and SPD express their support. The motion will be forwarded to the Committee for Urban Development, Building and Housing and the Main Committee (Finance).

The cooperative’s financing concept has been submitted to the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing. Even if all funding options were approved, there would still be a considerable funding gap that needs to be closed.

April 2024

The “Urban Development, Building and Housing” committee meets on April 8 and the main committee on April 10.

As of today, it is still unclear whether the proposal will be dealt with here.

OUR DEMAND: By the end of APRIL at the latest, the Berlin SENATE must ensure that the PURCHASE and RESTAURATION are FINANCED. There is only LITTLE TIME left!