Athens: demonstration in defense of Ano Kato Patission

Demonstration in defense of Ano Kato Patission, after the successful resquat of the steki on 9 december 2023. Sunday 17 december, at 12.00 pm. Pre-gathering at Steki Ano Kato Patission, Naxos 75.

Last summer, while Greece was experiencing the violent signs of the climate crisis (fires, floods), magnified by the unpreparedness of the relevant state mechanisms, the government adopted a classic recipe for decoordination for disasters: the eviction of occupied spaces.
At the same time that the state proves in practice that it is incapable of dealing with our problems, it is trying to gain some legitimacy in the eyes of the world by selling security and order.
But with tenacity and militancy, three of the evicted squats of the summer are once again in the hands of the community. After Zizania in Victoria and Evagelismos in Heraklion, Crete, it is the turn of Stekiou Ano Kato Patission to get its space back, to revive a debris building.
The contribution of occupied spaces to the transformation of society proves important, especially in cases where they do not function as an end in themselves of some ideological hegemony but transform the here and now of the entire neighborhoods where they are located.
By proposing and prefiguring another way of social organization, they recreate public space and change the architecture of cities.
In addition, they create social bonds of companionship and free coexistence of individuals. Perhaps, on the occasion of the particular case of squats and self-organized social spaces in general, we can talk about the contemporary problems of cities that seem to surpass us: individual immobility, the epidemic of loneliness, political weakening, environmental degradation, the commercialization of cities and neighborhoods
That is why on Sunday, December 17, at 12 noon, we support the neighborhood march to defend the occupation in Patissia. Instead of letting empty buildings fall into disrepair, we open them up to the whole society!

Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Στέκι Άνω Κάτω Πατησίων
Steki Ano Kato Patission, Naxou 75, Athènes, Grèce
anokato [at] espiv [dot] net

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