Belo Horizonte (Brazil): “Casa Encantada” book project

Hello comrades! We, from the Kasa Invisível squat in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, wish everyone a happy new year of struggle, solidarity, and revolutionary construction.

We’re writing to friends and accomplices from various parts of the globe, those we’ve met on the road, corresponded with, who we’ve visited, or whom visited us at our squat, to announce the campaign we are organizing on the FireFund platform to launch the book “Casa Encantada” (Enchanted House). The book documents 20 autonomous occupations in Belo Horizonte, most of which emerged during the pandemic. We hope through this campaign to be able to translate it into four languages and conduct a tour and launch in cities in Brazil and Europe in 2024 and debate the great differences and similarities of these two contexts of struggle for housing, and how to build solidarity.

On this January 1st, known as the day of “Universal Fraternity and Peace,” is better remembered by us revolutionaries who dream of the end of capitalism and all forms of oppression as the day of the initiation of the Haitian anti-colonial struggle in 1804, the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the Zapatista Uprising of 1994, and the declaration of autonomy of the revolutionary cantons of Afrîn, Jazira, and Kobanî in Rojava! It is this day that we have chosen to promote this campaign among our closest comrades and accomplices. The closing date is the famous March 18, the anniversary of the Paris Commune.

The campaign is flexible, but we hope to achieve the total amount so that we can print and cross the ocean for this tour and speak at different social centers and communities.

Please follow the link below. If you can donate any amount, please do so. But don’t forget to spread the word to other individuals and collectives who might be interested in supporting. And in the future, please write to us if you can help organize a talk between April and May in Europe.

Thank you very much! See you on the road!

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Contact me at: comofas[at] | kasainvisivel[at]