Tbilissi (Georgia): The Georgian eviction resistance urgently needs our support!

❌🏠❗️ This week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, three foreclosure evictions of entire families were supposed to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia. On Tuesday January 23rd, a huge number of people showed up to stop the eviction but also an unexpected amount of cops who were extremely violent against the protestors. 18 people were arrested, two of them are now facing trial and up to 3-6 years in jail. Others have been fined to an average of 2000 GEL (approx. 700 €) which is a lot of money in Georgia. What’s new is that the story was widely spread in the media, and due to this on Wednesday there was even more resistance and the bailiff was blocked from entering the building. The eviction on Friday was stopped by our comrades, who had already managed to suspend this eviction in December 2023.

👉 You can donate money for repression and legal costs. There’s a Georgian account for collecting money:
Bank of Georgia : #GE13BG0000000740090400 / Mariam Naneishvili

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