France: This winter, we return to the barricades…

ZADBERLIN_posterAgainst the airport and its world, defend the Z.A.D.

The Z.A.D. (Zone À Défendre) in Notre-Dame-des-Landes is a zone of 2000 hectares of fields and forests in the French province of Brittany which is being threatened with destruction by the construction of a new international airport. The redundant project — the region already has a fully-functioning airport — will cost the French taxpayer over 550 million € and lead to the destruction of healthy wetlands and historical farms. Since 2005 the zone has been occupied by dozens of individuals who have fought to defend the autonomous structures they’ve built on the land, which is now inhabited by some additional 200-300 people from a variety of backgrounds. These occupants are experimenting with new ways of living and organizing outside the confines of the law, the capitalist economy, and the state apparatus. As with struggles here in Germany — such as the anti-nuclear struggle in Wendland or the anti-coal mining struggle in the Hambacher Forest– the struggle at the ZAD is important because of the strategy it employs, namely the blocking of the infrastructure of the capitalist economy while simultaneously building an archipelago of communes that refuse the market fundamentalism of our “alternative-less” capitalist world. More than 200 committees and thousands of associations, organizations, and individuals across France and Europe support the struggle. Despite that, the government has recently confirmed its plans to evict the occupiers of the zone as soon as possible. Join the fight, defend the ZAD and other struggles against capitalist infrastructure. All power to the communes! [Read More]

France: ZAD facing eviction threat – call for solidarity


Some context for the international community:

Over the past month the Prime Minister, President, and pro-airport lobby have been increasingly vocal and clear about their desire to evict the ZAD [Notre-Dame-Des-Landes] and begin work on the airport as soon as they can. The time frame of January-March is recurrent in their public declarations. These are threats, not inevitabilities.

The anti-airport movement is strong and determined, but to avoid the hassle of an eviction attempt we need to show our force beforehand, locally and internationally, so the State understands that they’ll only fail again. You’re invited to make actions, spread the word, have big demos, show up at French embassies/consulates and offices/worksites of Vinci (the airport contractor), in a dissuasive phase- and also to plan in different towns and organizing groups what to do from the outside in case an eviction attempt goes through. [Read More]

Dijon (France): Détournement in solidarity with Les Lentillères, “No hero no martyr”


7min. 190Mo AVI [Download | French version] [Read More]

Updates from Calais – four camps evicted

Last week the French police evicted four migrant camps in Calais. These were the only camps in the town itself. Monday’s evictions made it clear that the migrant population in Calais would only be allowed to live in the “jungle”, an area of land on the edge of the town (note: the word ‘jungle’ comes from the Pashto ‘dzangal’, meaning ‘forest’. The name comes from the Pashtun Jungle, a forested area in Calais occupied by Afghans back in 2009, but it is no coincidence that the media has continued to use this term to describe the camps…). The current camp population has swollen to 4000 people due to tightened security at the border and the greater difficulties crossing; 3 people have died trying to cross in the past two weeks. This article is gathered from Calais Migrant Solidarity and gives an update on the latest situation over there. [Read More]

Calais: demos every day against the border


Across Europe, people without papers are refusing to suffer the brutal border regime. From Hungary to France, people are cutting the fences, blocking trains and roads, occupying train stations and public buildings, self-organising and fighting. In Calais, the pace of struggle is picking up with large scale actions now happening on an every day basis, as well of course as individuals and groups taking on the fences every night. Here are reports from the last two days reposted from Calais Migrant Solidarity. Yesterday (Thursday) a crowd of hundreds blockaded the government’s aid distribution centre, demanding free movement not rotten crumbs of aid. Today the crowd marched into town to confront the politicians. Another big action is planned for tomorrow. [Read More]

Toulouse: The recently repainted Socialist Party premises


Tuesday, August 25 2015 The building of the Departmental Federation of the Socialist Party of Haute-Garonne, in rue Lancefoc, Toulouse, was again the target of damage on the night of Monday to Tuesday.
When they arrived on Tuesday morning, the staff of SP 31, discovered the facade stained with blackish oily liquid and several inscriptions on the walls and gate, including “no evictions” and “solidarity with no papers”. […]
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Paris: Against states and their borders


This text on the wave of sans-papiers occupations in Paris tells important lessons for those involved in migrant struggles on the strategies used by liberal democratic states to contain them. If we anticipate these moves, how can we pre-empt them? And what strategic targets are based near you?

Original French text in Lucioles #23 with the title ‘Against states and their borders: revolution’; roughly translated by Rabble.
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Dijon (France): Tanneries 1 and 2 work days, from 23rd of June to 15th of July


Moving out and building something new // Parties and strolls

## Including on 11th July – exodus demo with carnival floats, trailers and sound-systems

This time we’re really going! Come and help with the last bit of moving out of and taking apart the first Tanneries, and then on to les Tanneries 2 to build some walls (using raw earth, adobe, as well as some more conventional techniques), plastering, decoration, electrics, plumbing… [Read More]

France: 10 vehicles of Vinci up in smoke


In Limoges, France, in the industrial zone of Magret, flames ravaged ten trucks and three sheds belonging to Eurovia, a subsidiary company of the Vinci multinational which is particularly involved in the construction of new prisons, as well as developing the devastating project of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport.

The vehicles were stationed in two storage areas twenty metres apart. Ignition devices were placed on the truck tyres. They consisted of a bottle filled with petrol with a candle and a fire-lighter. The damage is estimated to be at least one million euros, not counting the long delays at the construction sites as a result. Build cages, get back our rage. [Read More]

Toulouse, France: Summary of repression from recent ZAD demos & solidarity with


About the arrestees, convictions and those locked-up from the November and February ZAD demonstrations in Toulouse. A call for solidarity.

Whilst there is currently a campaign of international solidarity and also against the conviction of a single demonstrator from November, it seems important to us to sum up the verdicts and bring forward our modest point of view about the situation. And call widely for solidarity from all.

To recall, the November demonstrations started with the death of a young man [Rémi Fraisse, October 25th 2014]. On the ZAD of Testet there were people saying that one day or another the wild, legal and determined action from the state forces will finish badly. For many the emotion was strong, as we could have been in his place. The identification with him was not the same, when some days earlier, in the centre of Toulouse, a BAC cop [anti-crime brigade] killed a youth during a robbery. [Read More]

Paris: A JCDecaux van up in smoke in solidarity with Operation Piñata prisoners, Mónica and Francisco


In the early morning of May 27th, it smelt of burning by Télégraphe [metro station]. A JCDecaux van went up in smoke. They enrich themselves with the gentrification of cities and exploitation of convicts.

Solidarity with comrades imprisoned during the Operation Piñata in Spain. Solidarity with Mónica and Francisco.

[Translated by Squat!net from Nantes Indymedia]

Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Three ‘Vinci’ lackeys chased out of the ZAD (and their vehicles sabotaged)


Wednesday morning [April 29th], in Vigneux-de-Bretagne, three biologists from Angers who came to study marbled newt were chased off by a dozen masked individuals.

In recent days, scientists from Gecco (Ecology and Conservation of Vertebrates Group), a Faculty of Sciences laboratory in Angers, have been taking samples on the ZAD. The concessionaire appointed by the state, mandated by Vinci, are studying the functionality of amphibian populations on the zone affected by the airport project. In this case the marbled newt. [Read More]