Pertuis (France): Opening of the ZAP

[Quick translation with the help of DeepL from]: The extension of the commercial activity zone of Pertuis (84) threatens the neighbouring agricultural land, as well as the local inhabitants who risk expropriation. In order to prevent this harmful project, we decided to live in one of the houses destined to be destroyed, thus launching the Pertuis ZAP (Zone à patates).

Pertuis and the Aix-Marseille metropolis want to double the ZAC (Commercial Activity Zone): 86 hectares will be concreted. The concreting implies a loss of biodiversity, an increase in the risk of flooding and the threat to our food autonomy. The inhabitants are expropriated, their houses are destroyed and their land is bought up for a pittance. This project is only profitable for the Pellenc company, whose former CEO is none other than the current mayor of Pertuis, who initiated the PLU (Local Urban Plan). The people of Pertuis disapprove of this project to expand an already huge commercial area.

We are determined to prevent this project. We demand that it be stopped and that expropriations be stopped. The land of Pertuis is fertile, absorbs the floods of the Durance, feeds the water table, contributes to feeding us and preserving our natural environment. It must be defended.

We choose to live in one of the houses to prevent its destruction and the advancement of this project. This place will be alive, open to all, and we will be able to imagine another future for these lands. This action is a continuation of previous mobilisations: demonstrations, planting, harvesting and collective distribution of potatoes. Our struggle is complementary to other modes of action that we support, such as the legal action launched by the association Terres Vives Pertuis, or the days of mobilisation organised by the Earth Rising. Together, let’s stop the extension of the ZAC!

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