Montreuil: Support Le Marbré – Let’s Defend our spaces – Attack the city of the rich

Le Marbré opened its doors in september 2020, since then the marble dust and rockwool has made room for a living space and a space of radical autonomous* and self-organized political organisation. Diverse ideas carrying a discourse against market logic, against capitalism and all oppression , on the search of a rupture with the state and all existing cross and meet in this space. Some of the bigger lines around which people around Marbré organize are housing, anti-gentrification, social struggles, prison, specism, feminism and borders. The place is organised through an open general assembly and happy to welcome new people and groups.

Some words on the situation
We met a first eviction in february 2021, but successfully reopened the building the next day which gave us a lot of strength. Since september 2021 we are facing a new threat following our eviction process. The ruling received in june 2021 admitted us cumulative delays of 3 month + a 2 months grace period + the winter eviction break(1.11-1.4.). But the bailiff seems deaf on that ear: he signed a request to leave the space by september 23.

Our legal strategy is an appeal to the executive court (JEX) to go against this interpretation by the bailiff and a hearing took place on october 5. The JEX’s decision though will take until the 16th of november, several weeks during which the place technically stays under eviction threat. Our political strategy has been to mobilize to the maximum of our capacities from september 23 to october 5 with different activities everyday, we invited local squats and collectives and prepared ourselves for Day X. We are of course staying mobilized after the fifth and there are more workshops, discussion and so on taking place at Marbré for as long as we manage to keep the place. We are learning how to collectively deal with stress, fatigue and the fear of loosing the space. We are exploring solidarity together and sharing knowledge and skills. The perspective of the eviction is of course worrying, but we also see it as possibility to live a strong collective experience and want to give all we have for it even if we’re just at the beginning of this marathon.

We invite you to participate in the defense of our spaces like Marbré. For this if you are around you can come here, propose activities or participate, show your presence, spread the word. There is an emergency eviction sms-list, you can join it by sending a number to lemabre [at] riseup [dot] net or by coming here. In case of eviction there will be a demonstration 7pm the next day at Mairie de Montreuil. All signs of solidarity are welcome: each by their own means and wishes, let’s go against all the actors and profiteers of evictions, exploitation, urbanisation and gentrification: lawyers, bailiffs, developers, restaurants, bio shops and other chainstores, camera and other surveillance systems and alarms, construction sites of big urbanisation projects in the like of Grand Paris, infrastructure and telecommunication, cop shops, courts, councils, construction agencies and profiteers of imprisonment like Bouygues, Vinci, Eiffage, Spie and many many others

Let’s defend our spaces, and resist against evictions and the exploitation of our lives.

International Solidarity

The problems we face don’t stop at city lines and state borders, names might be different but our enemies are the same everywhere. International solidarity breaks the isolation that repression tries to submerge us in, making us stronger and less alone. In these moments of struggle, whether smiling on the barricades or in our discussions, in our thoughts we are also with the friends in other places that face repression, solidarity with Køpiplatz, EIF, la Trasheria and all rebellious squats and all those hit by repressive operations like Prometeo (congratulations!), Bialystock and Scintilla,the repression against Gare in Athens, the §129 processes in germany, the friends facing accusations of criminal association and terrorism in france and elsewhere.

Le Marbré
39 rue des Deux Communes, Montreuil, france
lemarbre [at] riseup [dot] net

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* Organisation trying to be non hierarchical, without any parties and unions