Great Cornard (UK): Man defies police


From local mainstream press in Suffolk, UK:
Homeless man defies police to go on squatting in village pub

A squatter living in a closed Great Cornard pub has said he has no intention of leaving despite efforts by police to move him on.

David Vernon has been making himself at home at the Highbury Barn in Canhams Road for more than three weeks.
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Grenoble (France): Demonstration against all kinds of evictions, April 25th

FRIDAY 25 APRIL, at 12.00 am (noon)
Place de Verdun (Préfecture), Grenoble

Against all kinds of evictions and against the closing down of many sheltered housings (“foyers”).
For a suitable and viable housing for everyone. [Read More]

Islamabad: Forced evictions


Monday, April 14: The CDA and Islamabad Police organized the demolition of dozens of katchi abadi homes along I-10 and H-10 today, rendering hundreds of people in those informal settlements homeless. Many of the residents who were evicted were either refugees from Afghanistan, or internally displaced people from Balochistan and FATA. Most did not resist or organize against the evictions because of fear of possible arrest, deportation or violent reprisal from the state. The situation in the abadis was tantamount to a man-made humanitarian disaster, with hundreds of people, including women and children, being deprived of homes without restitution or resettlement. All of these people are now without any form of shelter. [Read More]

Calais: Sudanese jungle evicted by the police


This morning at around 6am, as the sun came up, the camp known as the Sudanese jungle was evicted by the police. Following a tip off received this week suggesting the camp would be evicted and after speaking to the community who lived there, people in the camp and of the no borders collective were there doing morning watch.

The police came in incredibly large numbers, there were around 30 to 40 vehicles that came to carry out the eviction. Around 18 cars, 12 CRS vans and 6 arrest vans. They came to the jungle from four different directions, lining the motorway, to catch people that were running away. However, many people managed to avoid arrest and escape, because they had warning from the morning patrols that the police were on their way. [Read More]

London: Esther and Her Family Rehoused!


We’re really happy to hear that Esther and her family are being rehoused by Metropolitan housing association in their local area. Esther, ourselves, and Lambeth Housing Activists confronted Metropolitan last week about making the family homeless and demanded that they fulfil their duties as a so-called ‘social landlord’ and rehouse the family locally. By their deadline of Friday, Metropolitan had been in contact with Esther to offer her a choice two flats in the local area. Collective action works! A massive thanks to everyone who supported Esther. Let’s keep on organising together for quality, secure, truly affordable homes for everyone!
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London: Anti-gentrification movies beamed onto luxury development


Last night, a special Reel News night at the Grosvenor in Stockwell saw a series of anti-gentrification films screened onto the luxury development that is being built directly opposite the pub.

Several videos showing the fight against gentrification from around the world were projected onto the large white sheet currently covering the front of the Redmayne Apartments development in Sidney Road, Stockwell, SW9.
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Oakland: Boat Squatters Face Eviction


In September of 2013, thirty boat squatters floating at the Jack London Aquatic Park were served with eviction notices. They had thirty days to clear out or else their boats would be impounded and scrapped. An ad-hoc committee of the EPA, state police, and OPD formed a campaign to clean up the waterfront. Instead of dealing with the severe pollution of diesel emissions at the port or raising sunken ships, they targeted the boat community. The city of Oakland had decided that the small boat community was too unsavory for the upcoming condo developments to look at from their 18th story windows. The city evicted these squatters from the Jack London Aquatic Park, which is right along the Oak St edge of the 5th Avenue Development Project. Fireworks sat down with one of the evicted boat squatters who told us about boat squatting, the eviction process and its connections to rapid gentrification in Oakland.
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Barcelona: ”Let’s Squat 1000 more Banks.. ”


The 3rd time lucky ? There’s a new eviction lawsuit against the Expropriated Bank, which is one of the most active Occupied Social centers in Barcelona, with dozens of varied activities every week.
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Barcelona: Can Vies Victory?


Evidently the authorities dont dare to risk a community uprising in their Barcelona pot of gold. After a big local demo and a host of community resistance it was announced the eviction of the iconic Can Vies centre, occupied now for 17 years, was cancelled. … or was it??
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Amsterdam: Joe’s Garage, April news


Despite the continuous efforts by the government to keep squatted spaces under the threat of repression and eviction, new autonomous and creative projects keep on emerging in Amsterdam. On March the 1st, the buildings on the Vechtstraat 1, 5, 7 were squatted.

A new social centre, De Strijd, on Vechtstraat 7, opened just two weeks after the occupation. The ongoing workshops (language classes, martial arts), vegan kitchen, and give away shop immediately transformed these buildings from objects of real estate speculation into spaces for the experimentation of radical politics. The support of the neighbours and the large participation of many groups of activists show the vital importance of creating autonomous and collective sites of struggle to contrast the political desertification of the city. [Read More]

Galicia: Cops evicted a squat in A Coruña


On March 25th, 2014, a huge contingent of police force evicted the Palavea squatted social centre in the city of A Coruña, northern Spain. Dozens of anti-riot police vans, backed by vehicles of the Civil Guard, assaulted the building at 7.30am, giving an end to three years of self-management, commitment and rebellion. During the operation there was only one person sleeping inside, a woman evicted from her house some months ago, who had found shelter in the squat.

The assembly of the squatters called for a demonstration against the eviction on Saturday, March 29th, at 7pm in front of the Obelisco monument. [Read More]

Calais: Defend the Squats, Defend Ourselves, Defend the 62


On April 13 the groups “Jeunesse Identitaire” and “Sauvons Calais” (Save Calais- who were responsible for multiple attacks on a squat in Calais including throwing molotovs in an attempt to burn down the house), as well as local fascists and known Neo Nazis from further afield are holding a demonstration at 14:30 on la Place d’Armes, a central square in Calais, against “mass immigration, insecurity, pro-migrant people and corrupt journalists”. In Calais, we know that these demonstrations are often a thinly veiled disguise for fascist elements to come together and launch attacks against squats, encampments, and individuals,as proven by Sauvons Calais’s ‘demonstrations’ at the squatted farm house which resulted in frequent and persistent stone attacks on the building and on many individuals, and the eventual burning of one out building. Small affinity groups and large mobs were able to act with impunity and without repercussion from state forces. Cops stood and laughed at the farm whilst fascists fired fireworks at the building. [Read More]