Prague: Autonomous centre Klinika calls for support!


As we already informed you in previous article, the squatted autonomous centre Klinika (situated in former clinic owned by state, now in decay and without any real plans how to revive it) in Prague was evicted on 9th of December, despite having support from neighbourhood, people from wider cultural scene and even from council of local municipality, Žižkov. The struggle continues and Klinika needs any kind of support more than before.

While there still were (and still are) some kind of negotiations going on between delegates from Klinika and various state and city organizations, a solidarity happening took place in Prague on Saturday 13th of December. Up to thousand people joined and walked through the neighbourhood in a possitive mood. After the march was finished in front of Klinika, a group of attendees occupied the house for a few minutes, but after they were persuaded by so-called “Anti-conflict team” of the police, they left without any force being used on them. However, the police used this issue as an excuse to displace people from public spaces around the house in quite a brutal way – the organizer of demo was beaten down for no obvious reason, people were pushed to fall down the hill, two ended up in hospital… [Read More]

Istanbul: Caferağa Mahalle Evi squatted community centre in Kadıköy evicted


On the 1st of December 2014 we were notified that Caferağa Solidarity’s Mahalle Evi – where we’ve been living since January 2014 – would be evicted on Friday the 5th of December, at 10am, due to an inquiry of the General Directorate of National Property (Real Estate/Milli Emlak), with the assignment of the district governorship and by execution of the police forces.

As soon as we heard this news, we tried our best to reach you through all means of communication. We used social media, email, phone calls as well as posters, banners, videos and texts. We called for a solidarity gathering with the squatted community centre on the 5th of December, at 9am. [Read More]

Spain: Cops arrest 11, raid anarchist Social Centres. 16+ solidarity demos already


 [Barcelona-Madrid] Operation of the High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement  (in Catalan below) pre riot strolling#OperacionPandora to criminalise anarchist social movements.

b49amiliiaax_3t.jpg-large_0    [Barcelona-Madrid] #OperacionPandora by the neo fascist PP controlled High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement

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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): International call for actions in solidarity with the World Cup prisioners. The trials begin on the 16th December.


On July 12, the day before the World Cup final match, the Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested 19 activists, aiming at disintegrating the big protest scheduled for the final’s day, on the grounds that they would have taken part in “violent” acts in riots last year and they would be planning other actions in the final manifestation of the World Cup. In total 23 search warrants and arrest and temporary detention were met against people accused of participating in social movements, the mandates were 5 days of probation, four people managed to escape the police kidnapping.

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Zürich: Reclaim The Streets!


Tonight (12.12.2014) this city should live again. We took the streets with music and good vibrations to put down a marker against the ongoing gentrification. This upgrading of our city provokes, that liveliness, sociability, clearances and unconventional cultural projects are being lost in entire districts.

Desolate concrete-jungles like Google-Quarter, Europaallee, Zurich west or PJZ reveal the utterly significance of money and wealth whereas own ways of composing our lives, alternative projects as Binz and Labitzke-Areal are being destroyed and banned.

Tonights action should motivate you to get active. We don’t want to leave our city to freeholders, to money, to capitalists or public-private-partnership-nations or any other oppressing authorities!
Origin and permit of residence, wealth and obedience mustn’t matter to whom can live in this or any other place in the world! [Read More]

Istanbul: Caferağa Neighborhood House Evicted by police


While police evicted Caferağa Neighborhood House, an occupied house in Istanbul’s Kadıköy district, in the early morning, activists started a passive resistance, calling for action outside the house tonight. Started in the early morning, the eviction was completed by 10:30am local time. After the eviction and retreat of police forces, activist went back to the street of the house, but decided not to enter the house again as they agreed to have a “passive resistance”. The number of activist is around 100 despite early morning. [Read More]

Amsterdam: Kerkstraat 104 squatted


Yesterday, Sunday December the 7th, the Kerkstraat 104 was squatted. The building is owned by a well known real estate speculator: Jorgen Bakker, owner of the company ‘Capital Investments’, and recently renamed ‘Cap Living’. The building has been empty for several months, and there are no permits requests for renovation.
Mister Bakker threatened to come back with a fiery swords (apparently it is a Dutch thing), and he wished us to be beaten to death by the riot cops… while we wait either for his hobbit army of doom to come over, or for the state pigs to take over, we are just going to enjoy the last hours of our life using this empty property as a home.
Hail our CEO and savior chupacabra. [Read More]

San Jose: Largest Homeless Camp In US Evicted And Destroyed To Make Way For Tech Billionaires


More than 350 homeless Americans lived in their makeshift village, ‘The Jungle’ in San Jose, California – that is, until police and social services raided the camp, evicting tenants and destroying their self-made homes on Thursday.

Evicted homeless people lined the sidewalk along Story Road, clutching shopping carts filled with their meager possessions as they watched city workers literally rip apart their community. Some wept uncontrollably, as they asked: Where will we go now?
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Den Haag: Criminalization and silencing of De Vloek, judge also prohibits demonstration


The demonstration planned for this coming Saturday against the eviction and demolition of De Vloek has been banned by the Mayor of The Hague. Even the judge decided to support the city’s fallacies. We are calling on everybody to come this Saturday at 15:00 to the Kerkplein to NOT demonstrate together.

Protesting has been made impossible and we will also let this be known. We will assemble on the Kerkplein with tape on our mouths. Demonstrating has been prohibited, but coming together on the Kerkplein is not forbidden. To be able to demonstrate, one needs to have a right to free speech, and this has been taken away from us. We will symbolically illustrate this.

Because this demonstration would have involved many different people, including children and the elderly, we are canceling the demonstration. We have absolutely no faith in the empathy of The Hague police, and we don’t want children and elderly people to be beaten up by them. [Read More]

Kent: Coroner’s Inquest into the Death of Daniel Gauntlett


It was just under a year ago that the SQUASH Team got wind of the death of a homeless man in Kent, who had frozen to death sleeping outside a derelict residential property. After the arrest of Alex Haigh for squatting an empty housing association (L&Q) property, the death of Daniel Gauntlett (35) exemplified the injustice of the new law s144 LASPO, making squatting residential buildings a criminal offense. On further investigation, we found out that the police had spoken to Mr Gauntlett that day; SQUASH suspect that they told him not to try entering the empty bungalow on a freezing February night, or he would be arrested. SQUASH immediately put out a press release condemning the death: “Homeless Man Prevented From Squatting Dies” [SQUASH Campaign, 1 March 2013]
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London: Four more s144 Defendants Walk Free!

This update is a few weeks old but still newsworthy. s144 refers to the clause which criminalised squatting in residential buildings in England and Wales.

Another four people have been found “Not Guilty” of the criminal offence introduced in September 2012. They were arrested at a building in Scrutton Street in March. After over six months on bail, their trial took place at Stratford in October.
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Den Haag: Mayor prohibits demonstration route. Stop the criminalization of De Vloek!


This Saturday, De Vloek and its supporters will demonstrate against the planned eviciton and demolition of the social center in the Scheveningen harbor. The protesters want to march a route from the Kerkplein through the city along places such as the site of the now demolished squat the Blauwe Aanslag and the office of the Christian Democrats. Mayor of The Hague van Aartsen has banned the route of the demonstration, on the basis of fallacies and is criminalizing De Vloek.

About a month before the planned demonstration against the eviction and demolition of social center De Vloek, the city and the police were given a heads up. However, the city kept delaying its response and the official limits placed on the demonstration were not made known until Wednesday November 26. The demonstration will not be allowed to follow the planned route, and we will also not be allowed to assemble at the Kerkplein. The reason that they gave was that actions centered around De Vloek have an increased chance of disturbing the public order because people were arrested at earlier actions, such as the squatting action at the Pier. From these imposed limits, it is apparent that the mayor wants to put a definitive stop to all future demonstrations by De Vloek and their supporters. [Read More]