Madrid: Police acadamy & gear shop attacked in solidarity with La Gatonera


Translation of communique from Contra Info:

Early on Thursday, November 6th, a police and Guardia Civil academy was attacked with stones in the area of Legazpi (Madrid). A message was written: “No eviction unanswered. La Gato resists.”

Death to the State and long live anarchy! [Read More]

Dublin: Practical Squatting Nights in Seomra Spraoi!

Seomra Spraoi / Thursday 20th November (3rd Thursday of every Month) / 6pm–8pm

Are you interested in squatting in Dublin? Do you want to meet and network with other squatters? Are you looking for other people to squat with? Do you have questions about the law, or other practical aspects of squatting? Do you need help finding an empty building? Then you should come to Practical Squatting Nights in Seomra Spraoi this Thursday!


Over the last three or four years, a squatting community in Dublin has grown and established itself to a point where it now has several long-term “established” squats, a good network of support, and a wealth of knowledge and experience of the practical aspects of squatting. It recently put on the 2014 Dublin International Squatters Convergence, a four-day event which an estimated 100+ squatters from abroad attended. But up until now, there have been few avenues for people who want to get involved in squatting who don’t already have connections to the community. [Read More]

Emmen (NL): Squat!net benefit


Huize Spoorloos in the Netherlands is doing a benefit with four bands for Squat!net on November 22nd, 2014.

Huize Spoorloos
wilhelminnastraat 33
Emmen (NL)

Amsterdam: Rent Rebels, screenings and discussion with activists from Berlin


On the weekend of the 21th and 22nd of November we are welcoming people from Berlin to screen with us the very recent film about the Renter Rebels in the Berlin, a quite popular and diverse movement that emerged in the last couple of years and that struggles against massive gentrification and forced evictions of renters that take place at high pace. That weekend shall serve as space for discussion and exchange with the people from Berlin, about experiences being made in struggle, the urban restructuring that goes on in Berlin, and the self-organisation of all kinds of people to fight against it. Besides of being inspirational the events shall also be a space to come together and exchange ideas and experiences related to the unacceptable housing situation in Amsterdam and necessary housing struggles. Descent housing in its various forms and shapes and the city itself is not for profit but for us, the people, and a basic need of everybody independent of social status. [Read More]

About SSL

Dear squat!net users,

We would like to inform you about our decision to buy a recognized SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Most users will be unaware about SSL certificate problems, until they are visiting a website hosted on or elsewhere which uses httpS, not http. For example, if you go to you will face a certificate error message in your browser. It took a long time before we finally could make a decision due to the politics behind SSL, which are worth looking into.

Basically, the much needed extra layer of security provided by SSL certificates is currently mainly in the hands of a few governments or for-profit corporations. It is possible to use self-signed, home-rolled
certs like squat!net have been doing until now and like the fine folks at explain.

However, due to changes of policy of some widely used browsers like Mozilla, many users were faced with warning messages and eventually failed to even reach the pages they wanted to see, because CACert did
not buy their way in the rather closed world of Certificate Authorities companies. and are worth a read for a start.

At squat!net we have chosen the path of least resistance and chosen to buy certificates since we want as many people as possible to see our hosted sites and read news about squatting. Also we are aware that for many
squatters who are on the move and more busy with the day-to-day housing struggles, understanding the technical implications of proper use of self-made certificates may not be a priority.

We believe that our decision is the “best of the worst” for now. Within short term you should be able to enjoy your favourite squat!net services without annoying warning messages. Our SSL certificates will be valid up
to three years. In the coming weeks the new certificates will be implemented. If you disagree with our decision or you have something else to share with us, please mail us at tech [at] squat [dot] net

In solidarity,

Squat!net system administrators

Greifswald, Germany: Week of action against eviction

Transpis am Haus_small

Dear activists, those fighting for housing, Lumpenproletariat,

in Greifswald (Mecklenburg Vorpommern) for an unbelievable 5 weeks a house has been squatted. The fact that this house has been held for so long is due to the far reaching support which we have received from the people and the almost totally positive feedback from the media (Headline “Anarchy for a better future”).
Now the owner wants to evict us even though until now he implied he wanted to avoid and escalation and all the legal steps have not yet been taken. According to the bailiff an eviction is probable in the next
week. After an eviction the owner could immediately tear down the building without permission (as it is a two story building) and dump a new condo complex there instead. Our occupation is the only thing that
stands in the way of a demolition. The house must be defended.
[Read More]

Peterborough: Police say squatters of residential will not be charged as thought they were tenants…


Intruders smashed their way into the home of 101-year-old Peterborough woman – just hours after police had evicted a group of migrant squatters. A rear door had been kicked in and the intruders had switched on the heating, food had been cooked and a window opened at the detached house in Granville Street. [Read More]

Utrecht: Nov. 29th/30th, squatters gathering weekend

20141129_utrecht_lokNov. 29th/30th SQUATTERS GATHERING WEEKEND (LOK) in Utrecht
Let’s share skills in squatting & not getting illegally evicted!
Utrecht invites you this time…
See you there!
Bring your sleeping gear.

London: Squatters kicked out after two-day Bartrams Convent siege in Hampstead

Security staff outside the building in Hampstead, London

Squatters were forced to leave a vacant former convent next to the Royal Free Hospital following a two-day siege by a private security company hired by the building’s owner.A crew of guards from VPS security firm accompanied by two vans, purportedly containing dogs, swooped on Bartrams Convent Hostel, in Rowland Hill Street, Belsize Park, last Thursday. [Read More]

Amsterdam: 66 apartments squatted


Last Sunday a group of enthusiastic young people squatted 66 apartments on the Rijswijkstraat in Amsterdam. The flat was part of the failed New-West project which entailed some Housing Cooperations on the hight of their money-grabbing, privatized, Neo-Liberal Cocaine high, just before the financial crisis hit in 2009 and they were forced to cancel the project. As a result of this the flats where left to rot, until even the anti-squat where moved out.
Last Sunday a group of either recently, or almost evicted squatters decided that it was enough, and a group of ninety rode out to reclaim the space for the common interest. Since then the police has given no notice of eviction, but De Key (the official owner) has made a report to the authorities of “squatting”. A thing of note is that yesterday, a couple of people from the city came by pretending to give a fuck about our “health and safety” (yeah….). For the rest now, no news.

Cheerful greets & Squatting Will Stay!

update 04/11/2014 – 18:35 Only hours after the posting of this message we received letter for a court date……coming Friday.

Update 5/11/14 – the squat was today evicted by order of the mayor [Read More]

London: Giggles Nursery evicted last week


Giggles Nursery in Grove Green Road, Leytonstone, closed last year and a group of four squatters have been living there since the end of May. The squatters were evicted via court order by Waltham Forest council last Wednesday and the authority will clean up the premises today. The Guardian spoke to one squatter, known as Rob, who was still at the property on Friday to gather together his belongings. [Read More]

London: Frestonia Squatters Who Declared Independence from the UK in 1977

A sign painted on a building on Freston Road, Notting Hill, marking the Free Independent Republic of Frestonia. All photos by Tony Sleep

From Vice Magazine by Harry Sword

In 1977, squatters on Freston Road, Notting Hill, in London, declared independence from the British state. Facing eviction by the Greater London Council (GLC), the community figured the best way to evade the constraints imposed on them was to just free themselves of those constraints altogether. So they lobbied the UN and established a 1.8-acre microstate-”The Free and Independent Republic of Frestonia”-complete with its own postage stamps, visas, and passports. [Read More]