Amsterdam: two buildings squatted next to Nieuwmarkt

We squatted two buildings in light of the Housing Crisis, International Day against Sexist and Sexual Violence, in solidarity with our Palestinian comrades, and we express our anger about fascism taking over the Netherlands.

We revealed two squatted buildings on 22 November, at Krom Boomssloot 45 and 47, in light of the need for housing for our comrades and our sisters.

In light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November, it is crucial and a priority to open housing where women can feel safer, where we can find each other and grow our resistance together.

Our solidarity specifically goes to migrant women, especially those making their way through the nightmarish Dutch asylum process, sex workers and the increasing number of women sleeping in the streets. Local and national governments are excluding and ignoring their voice(s) and material needs.

Migrant women are subject to harassment in camps, sex workers risk more violence due to Amsterdam’s widely contested plan about the Red Light District; there are no women’s shelters in Amsterdam leaving homeless women in a highly vulnerable situation e.g. sexual assault in the streets or domestic abuse in a dependent relationship. On this matter, Blijf Groep does a great job for victims of domestic violence, should be more known, and should have more locations. There is only 1 location in Amsterdam and 5 in the Netherlands. Feminism means including all women. Therefore, we decided to open a squat to house women and transgender people.

We will not tolerate empty housing left to rot. At a time when alienation is getting stronger in the Netherlands, we take action. We revealed the houses the day of the election, so the day that Wilders and the PVV won the elections of the Netherlands ‘by a landslide’. His program and ideology is dangerous and clearly fascist.

He stated to hate Islam, wants to reduce social housing – during a housing crisis, and to quit the European Union in favour of a supra-nationalist stance. His hate of a religion, his targetting of specific groups, and his extreme far right ideology is history repeating itself, just like in countries around us. Voting has proven to not work, to not be ‘enough’. It is important to stay in solidarity with each other, here and internationally, and to act against fascism. Organize, squat a house for you and for others, and resist.

Finally, we express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle against the Israelian occupation and attacks. We also squat for our Palestinian refugees comrades and sisters, even more neglected by the asylum and refugee legal systems.

The solution is ours: our action and solidarity with each other.

Jin Jyan Azadi
Palestine will be free
No Gods No Masters No Husbands
And Kraken Gaat Door!

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