Cologne: Street blockade against possible eviction of Autonomous Center

About 800 people blocked Zülpicher Platz in Cologne, Germany on Friday to protest against eviction threats against the autonomous center (AZ Köln).

The protesters reclaimed the streets and demanded not to evict the autonomous center in Cologne. About 40 initiatives are active in the autonomous center. The city of Cologne is planning to evict and demolish the building. Negotiations with city authorities did not bring a satisfying solution.

People took the streets of Cologne once again on Friday to make clear that if the city takes the autonomous center, people will reclaim the streets. Cops kettled the blockade on Friday night, including by-passers on Zülpicher Platz. The lackeys in uniform again and again attacked people.

At 09:30pm cops released the kettle and people spontaniously marched to the autonomous center AZ Köln.


Amsterdam: Infonight Housing for All (Cologne) and KoZe (Hamburg)

20161029_Infonight_Housing_for_all_KoZeSaturday 29th of October 2016 – 7pm @ Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam.
Infonight and Food – Housing for all//Cologne + KoZe//Hamburg

At the end of October, two collectives from Cologne and Hamburg will be in Amsterdam in order to exchange ideas and experiences about the local struggles for housing and the establishment of solidary structures in our cities and beyond its limits.

Housing for All is a recent movement in Cologne that suggests practical ways of re-appropriating real estate properties in word and action. We are happy to visit our friends at Joe’s and meeting people from KoZe as well! Looking forward to it.

Koze is the ‘Collective Center/Kollektives Zentrum’ in Hamburg, that was founded through a squatting action in 2014 and is currently under thread of eviction. [Read More]

Cologne (Germany): Call­-out for a solidarity­ demonstration in front of the Köln-Ossendorf prison and international solidarity actions

With the arrest of two other Hambach Forest activists, the repression wave against the anti­brown­coal movement has reached a new height.

Mr. Blue, who refused to give his identity to the police at his arrest (and still has not given their identity), is imprisoned since the 7th of October. He was arrested while blockading one of the main conveyor belts of the open cast mine Hambach, and through this shutting down the mining activities. Mr. Blue has not been allowed to see the prison doctor since he was imprisoned. [Read More]

Cologne (Germany): Gather & Resist, 28.6. – 7.7. 2013


Yes, let`s squat again
Trapped by contracts, orders an regulations – it’s time to break free.

If the legal contract with an autonomous center is terminated we* are able to take a new step towards empowerment. The uprising takes shape and we can already feel it´s warmth, like numbed hands coming back to life in a mad tickling. We won´t complain no more, that the shitsystem as it is won´t let us have spaces of dissent. We understand that we will always have to fight for our politics, art and culture, since our ideas draw a line against the ruling class – razor sharp.

The autonomous center in Cologne has been the crystallization point of our debates and struggles in the last years – may all of it continue. The ideals that have been present in this house, for which we argued and which we celebrated, for which we had discussions and worked for, those ideals are independent of any rigid building. After all a building is just a small space in a world of force and oppression. [Read More]

Germany: AZ Cologne eviction? No Way!


The political mission of cologne’s city council has been known for a while now: The autonomous center in Kalk has to be removed and from the 30th of July 2013 there is an immediate threat of eviction. The AZ, which has been squatted and self-organized for more than three years now, cannot be removed and because nobody talked to us or involved us in any planing we will hereby declare our own political mission. [Read More]

Cologne (DE): 30.04.2013 Warm up for resistance – Demonstration – Prelude of the campaign “Kein Tag Ohne”

Demo: Tuesday, 30. April, 2013, 20h (punctual!)

Meeting point: is going to be announced shortly beforehand
Last infos:

The Autonomous Centre Köln (AZ Köln) has been founded three years ago with a squatting action of an empty building in Köln-Kalk. Since then it has been shaped by a huge variety of people into a self-organized and self-determined space for emancipatory politics, for non-commercial art and culture. In the meantime a use contract has been eked out in confrontations with the cities authorities. This contract has now been cancelled and is going to end on the 30th of June 2013. According to the plans of the local ruling parties, here especially on pressure of the social democrats (SPD), the building shall be evicted by police and a park ( or better a green stripe ) shall be established on top of its debris. This has to be resisted and averted.

[Read More]

Cologne, Germany : You wanna kick us out? We kick you out now!

First reactions on the termination of the use contract of Autonomous Centre Cologne (AZ Kalk).

The savings bank Sparkasse KölnBonn has cancelled the use contract with the AZ at the 13th of March 2013, as demanded by the politrix of the city of Cologne. Reactions of concerned and solidary structures were quick to come. Activists made a visit to the town hall and the head office of Sparkasse at Rudolfplatz on the following day. Later in the evening around 200 people made a spontaneous demonstration through the city centre.

[Read More]

Cologne (Germany) : ++AZ Rave Demonstration++

The Autonomous Centre in Köln-Kalk is existing since almost 3 years as a space for uncommercial art, culture and autonomous politics.

The city now aims to cancel the usage contract for the building and treatens with violent eviction – in order to construct a park.

WTF?! That we won’t let happen. Expect resistance.
[Read More]

Köln (Germany): Solidarity with Villa Amalias, Skaramaga, radio 98FM (Greece), SJZ, LIZ (Germany), the ZAD (France) and the Assentamento Milton Santos (Brazil)

dear beloved friends of all squats and self-organised spaces,

we are absolutely impressed by the 10000+ people that have been on the streets last saturday in athens and other cities[1], showing their solidarity with all squats and self-organised spaces, with the 92 prisoners of the evicted and re-squatted Villa Amalias[2], the evicted Skaramanga squat[3] and the evicted pirate radio 98FM.. massive! [Read More]

New squat in Cologne, Germany: Our first statement

On 2nd March 2012 we, a group of leftist people, squatted an abandoned building at Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße, near the old industrial complex of the KHD-Group in Cologne.

We want to develop a collective here. The squat is a place for both, working and living beside the capitalistic enforcement. We want to live with each other without hierarchically structured regulation.

[Read More]

Cologne: SPD and Pro-Köln polarize against Autonomes Zentrum (AZ)

Autonomes Zentrum Köln

Cologne’s local politic posse is seeking again the conflict with Autonomes Zentrum. After the prevented eviction in April this year, the squat gained a legal use contract for an indefinite period of time with the owner, the Sparkasse Köln-Bonn (a savings bank). Since then, the former canteen located in the KHD industrial complex in Köln Kalk, has been used legally. [Read More]

New squatted center in Cologne

Today on Friday, the 25th February at 3 pm. about 50 people squatted an empty building in Cologne. The House, located in the “Venloer Strasse” is about 3 years empty and is on the other side of the city garden. The squatters are supporters of a group for a autonomous centre in Cologne. [Read More]