Cologne (Germany) : ++AZ Rave Demonstration++

The Autonomous Centre in Köln-Kalk is existing since almost 3 years as a space for uncommercial art, culture and autonomous politics.

The city now aims to cancel the usage contract for the building and treatens with violent eviction – in order to construct a park.

WTF?! That we won’t let happen. Expect resistance.

As a first appetizer we invite you to dance with us through the city,
wild and loud, to show that we are going to fight for our AZ. We are
many, and we are going to reclaim our spaces in this city, now and in
the future.

Latest informations

++Demo infos++

When: Sa. 02.02.2013, 16h
Where: @ Köln Hbf/In front of the station

Route: Köln Main Station >> through the City >> Heumarkt
Sound: 4 Trucks/Soundsystems

++Mobi video++

++More information about the actual situation++

– Ocotber 2012: city is soon buying the building

– March 2012: an overview about local politrixs

– February 2012: city council prevents activist from entering public meeting

– End of 2011: local facist party demands eviction of the aZ

– Kommunique #5: This means Rage and Anger

– Kommunique #4 (video version)