Cologne: Police invades the Elster

Police invades Elster 230 and provokes escalation

After Deutsche Bahn yesterday filed a complaint against the occupation of Vogelsanger Str. 230 according to its own statement, the police today gained access to the Elster 230 and recorded personal details of individuals. All this happens against the background that next Monday talks are to take place between the city and DB, as we learned today.
As a result of unconfirmed sources from the mayor’s office, we also learned that the mayor is now also trying to persuade DB to negotiate with us. There the opinion is represented that the DB should hear at least our offers, before other steps would be introduced.
In this context, DB’s approach is becoming increasingly incomprehensible to us: “There is contact with a mediator – the city – who has to be taken seriously, also by DB. DB announces that it basically approves of our idea of use and at the same time it creates the ground for individual activists who work directly for it to be prosecuted. We ask ourselves what DB expects of itself from the criminalisation of individuals, at a time when X people happen to be in the house,” says Anna Meise.

As a sign of good will, we call on the DB to withdraw the criminal complaint and to stop prosecuting the individual persons under criminal law.
Anna Meise continues: “All the stress and expense for all sides could be reduced by a good deal if DB finally shows willingness to enter into negotiations with us while we are in the house”.
We expressly demand to the police to behave moderately, not to take further personal data and not to force their way into the house! Especially against the background of yesterday’s highly unprofessional and extremely weapon force glorifying appearance of the police officer Schliwitzski at the Elster!

With all these unpleasant evets, it has nevertheless a good – the escalation from the DB and police makes our cohesion and our solidarity only stronger!

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Press release/Cologne, 27.07.2019