Athens: Trial against activists who re-occupied Villa Amalias begins

2013-01-09_Villa_Amalias_AthensOn January 9, 2013, 93 anarchists fight their way in against riot cops in and re-occupied Villa Amalias, after it was evicted on December 20th, 2012. After more than 4 years, the trial against the 93 anarchists will start on March 28th.

On December 2012 as part of a far-right delirium, the State targets Squats and proceeds to evict several of them in Greece. On 20 December 2012 the State evicts one of the historical and oldest squats in Athens (since 1991) named Villa Amalias. In the morning of 9 January 2013, 93 comrades moving collectively and decisively fight their way in against riot policemen that continue to guard the building and succeed to retake the grounds, sending a message of resistance and solidarity, against the onslaught of State and capitalist barbarism. After a few hours special police forces invade the building and arrest the 93 activists.

After more than 4 years, (a usual State and judicial tactic to keep activists’s lives “imprisoned” in perpetual waiting) on March 28, 2017, the 93 are being taken to trial for the reccupation of Villa Amalias, because they dared to disturb the “peace” during the regime’s war and because they remained unruly against the imposed state of emergency and the authoritarian rules, whilst they declare that ‘for the “crime” of fighting for a world of equality, solidarity and freedom they remain consciously “guilty”’.

Solidarity to the 93 activists that retook the grounds of Villa Amalias Squat. [Read More]

Athens: Banner-action at Villa Amalias

The banner reads: “Our dreams will become your nightmares. Empty homes belong to us. Villa Amalias”

Below is a text by the Villa Amalias collective.
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Athens: Attempted reoccupation of Skaramaga squat ended up with mass detentions in the area of Exarchia and one comrade faced with misdemeanor charges

A two-day event in solidarity with all squats, self-organized projects and self-managed structures of counter-information (targeted by repression ever since the first police raid on Villa Amalias squat on the 20th of December 2012) was called for the 15th and the 16th of February 2013 in the Athens Polytechnic School, in Exarchia.

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Zagreb (Croatia): Squat solidarity action on The square of victims of fascism

Zagreb_AntiFa_Solidarnost_Atena-77 Saturday January 19th 2013, Solidarity action took place in Zagreb in support of these spaces: Villa Amalias, Skaramanga, Radio 98FM (Greece), SJZ, LIZ (Germany), the ZAD (France) and the Assentamento Milton Santos (Brazil). Wagenburg Atlantide.
Stop threats, fascist attacks and evictions!

ReciKLAONICA squat, Zagreb, Croatia,

Köln (Germany): Solidarity with Villa Amalias, Skaramaga, radio 98FM (Greece), SJZ, LIZ (Germany), the ZAD (France) and the Assentamento Milton Santos (Brazil)

dear beloved friends of all squats and self-organised spaces,

we are absolutely impressed by the 10000+ people that have been on the streets last saturday in athens and other cities[1], showing their solidarity with all squats and self-organised spaces, with the 92 prisoners of the evicted and re-squatted Villa Amalias[2], the evicted Skaramanga squat[3] and the evicted pirate radio 98FM.. massive! [Read More]

Athens (Greece): Updates on the 92 arrestees of the re-occupation of Villa Amalias squat

Timeline from Contra Info, see Athens Indymedia for pictures from solidarity demo that reached the area of Evelpidon courts.

[15.36pm] Since the morning of January 12th, few hours before a large solidarity demo took place in downtown Athens, the 92 arrestees from the re-occupation of Villa Amalias were brought before an interrogating judge in the Evelpidon courthouse. Approximately 25 comrades have been released so far, without monetary bail but under the restrictive term to sign up at a police station once a month. The court proceeding will be long.

Meanwhile, solidarity actions for squats and liberated spaces took place in various Greek cities, e.g. in Thessaloniki, Patras, Chania, Rethymnon and Heraklion (on Crete), Mytilini (on Lesvos), as well as on Naxos. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): 10,000 people march in solidarity to Villa Amalias and against state fascism

Athens_greece_demonstration_in_solidarity_with_squatsToday takes place a 10,000 people demonstration in solidarity to the 92 people arrested on Wednesday after the re-eviction of Villa Amalias and against the state-run fascism. The demonstration started from Propylaea of Athens University and marched via Patision avenue to the courthouse of Evelpidon where they remain waiting for the decision of the attorney general about the 92 arrested who still are detained. The first 10 were released a couple of hours ago until their trial.

More demonstrations in solidarity to the squats took place in Thessaloniki, Chania, Mitilini, Patra, Heracleon and to other cities. [Read More]

Greece : Communique by the squat Lelas Karagianni 37 about the reoccupation of Villa Amalias

Repression can’t bend the militants

We are experiencing historical moments. Let’s act accordingly. A swarm of political lackeys of the local and international capital, consisted of fascists, thieves and impostors of all sorts, from the extreme right to the so-called democratic left – assisted by the controlled mass media and the parastate gangs -, has been shamelessly looting, oppressing and terrorizing the people. In order for their plans to succeed without a hitch they have imposed a state of emergency which is nothing but a political dictatorship camouflaged with a parliamentary cloak. The bankrupt political-economic system, in order to perpetuate its miserable existence or at least to buy itself time before its upcoming decomposition, wants to force the silence and submission of the plebian social layers by means of either manipulation and compulsion by the media propaganda or brute force and terrorism used on resisting people by state repression and parastate gangs.

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Solidarity with Villa Amalias Squat / Αλληλεγγύη στην Κατάληψη Βίλα Αμαλίας

Solidarity with Villa Amalias Squat – Let us Resist the Social Cannibalism

All of us signing this declaration of solidarity with Villa Amalias Squat are aware of the fierce attack unleashed by the Greek state on free spaces and every other expression of social/political resistance.

Villa Amalias is one of the oldest and most historical squats in Athens/Greece, well known for its multilevel presence within the radical movement, a place of creative fermentations, anti-commercial cultural activities and reference point for the building of relationships based on equality, solidarity and anti-authority.

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Greece: Police leak plan “to evict 40 squats across the country”

Mainstream media report:

The police are putting into action a plan to evict about 40 buildings that have been occupied by various groups across the country. After the intervention in the squats of Villa Amalias and Skaramanga, the ministry of public order is planning to take more action in the following days.

According to the newspaper The News, the intervention in the squat Skaramanga took place only a few hours after the attempted re-occupation of Villa Amalias on Wednesday, whilst – according to information [meaning: by the police — trans ] – it was planned to take place after a few days. However, it was decided that it should take place immediately instead, in order to send a direct message that “situations of lawlessness will no longer be tolerated”. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): Villa Amalias, Statement by the 93 arrested from inside the police HQ

“We will do it again, as many times as it takes” 

Nothing less than our non-negotiable position for social spaces that we support and they support us in return. Nothing other than what we say and what we do all these years in squats, in self-organised spaces, in demonstrations, at strikes and in the streets.

For this reason, the authorities that placed armed guards outside Villa Amalias could never cause us to be disappointed, to break our morale, to make us stop, to give up.

Today, January 9th, us comrades re-occupied the building of Villa Amalias under the nose of the repressive forces that were guarding it. A building linked with the history of the subversive movement for the past 22 years, but also with the ideals that it signifies for us. [Read More]

Greece: Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted – biggest number of anarchists detained in 15 years

At approximately 07:30 on January 9, dozens of people re-squatted Villa Amalias this morning, hanging a banner writing: “Squat for Ever – Villa Amalias”. Almost immediately, riot police that encircled the building threw tear gas inside. At approximately 09:20, the police’s special forces (EKAM) smashed the building’s windows and raided it anew, detaining 101 people who was inside.
Meanwhile – at approximately the same time – around 40 anarchists in solidarity occupied the HQ of DIMAR (Democratic Left Party),  which participates in the governmental coalition. Police raided this building as well, detaining the occupiers.

UPDATE, 04.00 am “We will do it again, as many times as it takes”: statement by the 93 arrested from inside the police HQ

UPDATE, 00.45 am It has just been confirmed that the charges for all 92 anarchists inside Villa Amalias have been raised to felonies (instead of misdemeanors) as they now include the so-called “hoodlum law” enhancement. All of today’s detainees will appear before a prosecutor in the afternoon – from 1pm and throughout the day. A solidarity gathering has been called at the Euelpidon courthouse from 1pm onward.

UPDATE, 19.45 pm Another three anarchists have been detained at the corner of Patision and Alexandras ave, bringing today’s total up to 152. [Read More]