Athens: Attempted reoccupation of Skaramaga squat ended up with mass detentions in the area of Exarchia and one comrade faced with misdemeanor charges

A two-day event in solidarity with all squats, self-organized projects and self-managed structures of counter-information (targeted by repression ever since the first police raid on Villa Amalias squat on the 20th of December 2012) was called for the 15th and the 16th of February 2013 in the Athens Polytechnic School, in Exarchia.

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Zagreb (Croatia): Squat solidarity action on The square of victims of fascism

Zagreb_AntiFa_Solidarnost_Atena-77 Saturday January 19th 2013, Solidarity action took place in Zagreb in support of these spaces: Villa Amalias, Skaramanga, Radio 98FM (Greece), SJZ, LIZ (Germany), the ZAD (France) and the Assentamento Milton Santos (Brazil). Wagenburg Atlantide.
Stop threats, fascist attacks and evictions!

ReciKLAONICA squat, Zagreb, Croatia,

Köln (Germany): Solidarity with Villa Amalias, Skaramaga, radio 98FM (Greece), SJZ, LIZ (Germany), the ZAD (France) and the Assentamento Milton Santos (Brazil)

dear beloved friends of all squats and self-organised spaces,

we are absolutely impressed by the 10000+ people that have been on the streets last saturday in athens and other cities[1], showing their solidarity with all squats and self-organised spaces, with the 92 prisoners of the evicted and re-squatted Villa Amalias[2], the evicted Skaramanga squat[3] and the evicted pirate radio 98FM.. massive! [Read More]

Athens (Greece): 10,000 people march in solidarity to Villa Amalias and against state fascism

Athens_greece_demonstration_in_solidarity_with_squatsToday takes place a 10,000 people demonstration in solidarity to the 92 people arrested on Wednesday after the re-eviction of Villa Amalias and against the state-run fascism. The demonstration started from Propylaea of Athens University and marched via Patision avenue to the courthouse of Evelpidon where they remain waiting for the decision of the attorney general about the 92 arrested who still are detained. The first 10 were released a couple of hours ago until their trial.

More demonstrations in solidarity to the squats took place in Thessaloniki, Chania, Mitilini, Patra, Heracleon and to other cities. [Read More]

Greece: Police leak plan “to evict 40 squats across the country”

Mainstream media report:

The police are putting into action a plan to evict about 40 buildings that have been occupied by various groups across the country. After the intervention in the squats of Villa Amalias and Skaramanga, the ministry of public order is planning to take more action in the following days.

According to the newspaper The News, the intervention in the squat Skaramanga took place only a few hours after the attempted re-occupation of Villa Amalias on Wednesday, whilst – according to information [meaning: by the police — trans ] – it was planned to take place after a few days. However, it was decided that it should take place immediately instead, in order to send a direct message that “situations of lawlessness will no longer be tolerated”. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): Police raid in Skaramanga squat

Following the eviction and arrests in Villa Amalias squat during the morning of January 9th, a police raid in the Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat is underway. At about 15.00pm, anti-riot squadrons smashed the door and stormed in the building.

Short announcement by the collective of Skaramaga squat about the raid:

15.56pm: A police raid took place today (9/1) at 15.00pm in the Patission 61 & Skaramaga squat. Seven comrades are inside the building (currently witnessing the police search in the squat). The repressive operation came vindictively few hours after the re-occupation of Villa Amalias and the occupation of DIMAR headquarters, which resulted in their eviction as well as the arrest and detention of approximately 150 comrades.

The tripartite government, the police and the ΝΑΤ (Merchant Seamen’s Pension Fund that claims ownership of the building) are mainly responsible for this attack. They will find us against them.

Hands off the squats! Immediate release of all arrestees/detainees! [Read More]

Athens (Greece): Skaramanga anarchist squat evicted and reoccupied

This morning (29.07) the Skaramanga squat in Athens was evicted by heavy police forces, following the legal action by the building’s owners. One person who entered the building to be present at the eviction proceedings has been arrested. Another seventy people who tried to approach the building were pushed back by heavy police forces.

22.56 GMT+2 A solidarity gathering has been called for the anarchist arrested during the attempted eviction of Skaramanga squat, tomorrow (30.7) at 10.30 a.m. at the Euelpidon courthouse in Athens.

15.36 GMT+2 Police have left, and the anarchists have reoccupied the Skaramanga squat in Patision Ave, moments ago. It is crucial for people to support the new occupation immediately. An assembly has been called for 6pm tonight to discuss today’s events. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): Joint fascist/police attack against the Skaramanga squat

Joint fascist/police attack against the Skaramanga squat in Athens is fought back by people defending the building At approximately 00.15 GMT+2 (around 45 minutes ago) fascists aided by police tried to attack the Skaramanga squat, in Athens. The squatters resisted the tear gas and the fascist attack, turning Patision avenue in a battlefield – soon after, the fascists were forced to retreat to Ipirou street.

Published on Occupied London:

Athens: Statement by the Skaramanga squat regarding today’s events – The murderers “mourn” their victims

May 5th, 2010

The statement below was issued a few hours ago by the anarchist squat of Skaramanga and Patision in Athens:

The murderers “mourn” their victims
(Regarding today’s tragic death of 3 people)

The enormous strike demonstration which took place today, 5th of May turned into a social outflow of rage. At least 200,000 people of all ages took to the streets (employees and unemployed, in the public and private sector, locals and migrants) attempting, over many hours and in consecutive waves, to surround and to take over the Parliament. The forces of repression came out in full force, to play their familiar role – that is, of the protection of the political and financial authorities. The clashes were hours long and extensive. The political system and its institutions reached a nadir.

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Athens (Greece): Statement by the Skaramanga squat about a recent arrest

“The state knows it, we know it, its time for society to learn it as well”

On Friday, 13th November Antigoni, a 22-year old comrade was arrested only meters away from the Patission and Skaramanga squat in Athens. Accused with participation to the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”, she was released on bail only days later – a solid proof of the state’s non-existent evidence against her. The following text on her arrest was published by the Patission and Skaramanga squat’s assembly on 16 November:

The state knows it, we know it, its time for society to learn it as well

Friday 13/11 after midnight: a group of security policemen lie and wait at the junction of Patission and Ipeirou St. In our squat (just 50 m from the aforementioned spot), a birthday party with hundreds of people is going on. [Read More]