Athens (Greece): Skaramanga anarchist squat evicted and reoccupied

This morning (29.07) the Skaramanga squat in Athens was evicted by heavy police forces, following the legal action by the building’s owners. One person who entered the building to be present at the eviction proceedings has been arrested. Another seventy people who tried to approach the building were pushed back by heavy police forces.

22.56 GMT+2 A solidarity gathering has been called for the anarchist arrested during the attempted eviction of Skaramanga squat, tomorrow (30.7) at 10.30 a.m. at the Euelpidon courthouse in Athens.

15.36 GMT+2 Police have left, and the anarchists have reoccupied the Skaramanga squat in Patision Ave, moments ago. It is crucial for people to support the new occupation immediately. An assembly has been called for 6pm tonight to discuss today’s events.

15:02 GMT+2 The cops moved against the people who were gathered outside of the building of Athens Polytechnical university (in order to make them get inside) There’s also a calling at 18:00 for a conversation about the squat’s eviction in order to inform the people,as well as for an open assembly

14:11 GMT+2 The cops removed the computers from the squat’s laboratory

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