Girona (CAT): Mas Castelló evicted

Today, Wednesday 16th October, at 6am, while police officers tried to break down the front door to the house, others climbed a ladder and broke a window to the dining room. They held us in a room while they searched the house. The “Brigada de Información” (Political Police) have seized material (fanzines, a computer, mobile phones, tools…). A person got hit at their head while trying to protect their dog from the police.

We counted more than 10 vans of riot police.

Six people have been subpoenaed to make statements in Figueras on 11th November, accused, according to the court papers, of Usurpation and possibly Sedition.

Girona (CAT): Mas Castello okupada – First week of occupation

We are writing from the squatted mansion /Mas Castelló/, near to
Orriols, Catalonia.

On the back of the energy and enthusiasm of the camp against the MAT
that was held in Fellines, we have squatted a space to give the struggle
against the MAT continuity, creating a meeting place here we can share
experiences of struggles and collective living that breaks away from the
models imposed on us by consumer society. [Read More]