Galliners (Catalonia): Kan Bici evicted

Hi friends and comrades!

Last Thursday 10th of May at 10.30h in the morning appeared the owner with some thugs without uniform in front of Kan Bici, little bit after arrived 3 cop-cars (Mossos) and a judicial adept from the court of Girona who decided to force the main-door (without exit) but later they forced the back-door of the garden while the neighbor “worked” with a grass-cutting machine… We were only two and not really animated to have a fight with the cops, so they gave us 10 minutes to take all stuff which we couldn’t take out before. The small number of assistants during the called acts of the resistance-week of Kan Bici and the ignorance condemned the squat to eviction. The fear to express the opinion in public is the collaboration with the daily perpetrated crimes. From the comrades very few solidarity, but we know why we’re in this situation and what are their means with which they manipulate and distort reality. Always against evictions, yesterday like today, our only weapon is the solidarity expressed in the streets. The silence kills! From the new squat greetings of complicity with the diverse resistances around the world, specially warm greetings for the comrades of the ZAD (Brittany) and the arrested anarchist comrades in Indonesia. The life continue be a struggle which we choose to make us strong and look for the confrontation with this corrupt and false system which just knows the option between be a slave and/or pay what they ask for or the permanent struggle againsttheir ties and traps. They can evict our squats but our ideas they never will change! As they sow misery there will be rebellion! Not forgotten nor forgiven! Health and Anarchy (from a really nice place)! [Read More]

Galliners (Catalonia): Kan Bici resists! Week of Resistance against the eviction, 4 till 11 may

Hi comrades and friends! The eviction of Kan Bici is probably taking place on May 10th 2018 and it is assumed that the “forces of order” will do their dirty work in a matter or otherwise. We want to invite you to participate in the activities that we have been able to prepare for the week of resistance (still missing things to confirm). We ask for the maximum diffusion of the posters added to this mail. Apart from the prepared activities is the call for decentralized actions for the day of eviction that leaves “free hand” to all of you to act as a result of their anarchist/revolutionary ideas against the system of domination and his defenders.
Between all we can prevent the eviction of Kan Bici!
Long live the Anarchy!
Kan Bici resists!

Program of the week of the Week of Resistance, from 4 till 11 may : [Read More]

Girona (CAT): Mas Castelló evicted

Today, Wednesday 16th October, at 6am, while police officers tried to break down the front door to the house, others climbed a ladder and broke a window to the dining room. They held us in a room while they searched the house. The “Brigada de Información” (Political Police) have seized material (fanzines, a computer, mobile phones, tools…). A person got hit at their head while trying to protect their dog from the police.

We counted more than 10 vans of riot police.

Six people have been subpoenaed to make statements in Figueras on 11th November, accused, according to the court papers, of Usurpation and possibly Sedition.

Girona (CAT): Mas Castello okupada – First week of occupation

We are writing from the squatted mansion /Mas Castelló/, near to
Orriols, Catalonia.

On the back of the energy and enthusiasm of the camp against the MAT
that was held in Fellines, we have squatted a space to give the struggle
against the MAT continuity, creating a meeting place here we can share
experiences of struggles and collective living that breaks away from the
models imposed on us by consumer society. [Read More]

Girona (CAT): Resistance Camp against MAT in defense of the land


cabezerablogboWHAT IS THE M.A.T.?
The very high tension line (M.A.T.) is an electric motorway which
transports at least 400,000 volts. It is being constructed in order to
connect European States to each other and also Europe with Africa. It is
necessary in order to sell and distribute excess energy produced by
nuclear power plants and the so-called alternative sources of energy.

[Read More]

Girona (CAT): Kan Pons still resist!

[St. Marçal de Quarentelles]

From 2nd of May on the squat Kan Pons still resists against the eviction. There were three times yet when the authorities suspended the eviction-date at the last moment, the last one when we celebrate Agro-Crust (June 29th)…seems they don’ t like the noise so much! But still they’ re going on with their intention to kill the life of the village, the actually forecasted date for the eviction is on October 16th.

It’ s really clearly for us that we won’ t let kick us out so far, we call out to everybody to take part at the WEEK OF RURAL RESISTANCE from OCTOBER 10th to 17th.

[Read More]