Susa Valley: former customs squatted in Claviere, statement against all borders

Today 31 july 2021, we have occupied Claviere’s ex customs, the Dagona Occupata. The building place that represented both border’s control and repression, and free circulation of products and tourists, now becomes a self-organized refuge, a space for political organization and direct solidarity, free and open to everyone.
We decided to occupy again to maintain a presence on the border and as a response to the previous evictions of Chez Jesus in Claviere (october 2018) and the Casa Cantoniera in Oulx (march 2021).
Following the last eviction, we came back to Claviere with a permanent camping, this is the place where people on the move are being pushed back during their journey by the repressive dispositives/forces of both the italian and french state.
Despite the ongoing push-backs at the PAF (Police Aux Frontières) of Montgenevre, the flow of people doesn’t stop.
For more than one year, we have been witnessing an increasing collaboration between the PAF and italian police. The italian cops often identify the people who are stopped right in the PAF offices.
The Red Cross plays an active role in these dynamics as well, bringing the pushed back people at the Fraternità Massi refuge in Oulx, 15 km away from the border. Fundings for humanitarian institutions are increasing, but their model keeps showing its inadequacy. Not only it doesn’t allow people’s self determination, but it also speculates on their lives.
In April, over 600.000 euros were given to Claviere and Bardonecchia municipalities to face the so called “humanitarian crisis”. It is clear that this is not only an emergency, but the direct consequence of the border’s repressive dispositives. On the european level, a new law proposal (New Pact on Migration and Asylum) is being developed in order to increase the repressive power of Frontex and extend the commercial agreements aiming to externalize controls in extra european countries (Niger, Libia, Morocco, Tunisia…).
To face and fight all this political struggle still exist ! An alternative to all of this is possible and real: we invite whoever wants to organize and build together the new self-organized refuge.
We need various stuff: mattresses, blankets, food, warm clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, heaters …

Today at 12 shared lunch and starting from 14 collective works that will go on all week long, come and share!
Against every state and their borders
Freedom, hurriya, libertà

Call out from the Dogana Occupata

The first day in the occupied customs house was intense and participated.
The works on the construction of the self-organised refuge continued uninterruptedly and we maintained a massive presence inside and outside the building. There was an immediate and widespread solidarity from both sides of the Alps.
The shy and awkward presence of the cops did not affect the group’s activities and mood at all.
There is still a lot to do!
Tomorrow is a day of collective work: join us!
Dinner will be shared at 8 p.m. The means are what they are, bring what you would like to find.
If you want to stay overnight, bring a mattress and sleeping bag.
Monday morning BREAKborderFAST from 7am.

We still need many materials: mattresses, blankets, food, pots and pans and everything for the kitchen, cleaning supplies, rubbish cans, water cans, chairs, sofas, tables…

Occupied customs
Cracked border

Dogana Occupata
Susa Valley, Claviere

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