Susa Valley: Chez Jesus in Claviere evicted. Call for solidarity

This morning, October 10, very early, the Italian police evicted the squat located in the parish hall of Claviere, where migrants were temporarily sheltered. Among the people present were three undocumented migrants and several supporters. The people were quickly removed from their home. The police broke everything inside the place and then took out all the belongings.

The fifteen supporters who were present inside were rounded up for several hours in the garden. The three undocumented people were taken elsewhere and are reportedly free. After checking their identities and “files”, they were released but charged with illegal occupation in a meeting.

Since this winter, this self-managed place allowed migrants, harassed by the police, to find a place to rest before crossing the mountain. This place was crucial to fight against the racist policy of the French and Italian governments, as they collected testimonies of police violence and they opposed this policy by helping the migrants who passed through (children and adults). They were preparing them to cross the mountain, where too many people die during this crossing.

Solidarity with the deported.

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