Brussels: political appropriation with the agreement of occupation of the squat rue de Koninck

The group, which had been squatting since March 2020 in a former printing shop at 44 rue Honoré Longtin in Jette, was threatened following last October’s eviction order. Launched in December, an occupation campaign led to the opening of several squats (L’Hospitalière in Saint-Gilles, the Citydev building, the Sleeping Beauty and the Opel Garage in Molenbeek) and the relocation of the inhabitants of the Jette squat to these new squats.

Communiqué of the Solidarity Requisition Campaign, February 25, 2021:

A media, political and associative requisition of our action ! Unbelievable false press release of the commune of Jette (and taken again in several media) !

While for many months, the public authorities were unable to find an answer to the situation and did nothing, they are today congratulating themselves for having found a “definitive” solution (false: the agreement is signed for one year) and are reappropriating the solidarity and self-organized response of our Campaign: the requisition of an empty public building.

The action “of many partners” and the “many meetings of the public authorities” have come to nothing, whereas it is the region (via Citydev, its real estate arm) that owns the building, and this solution could have been envisaged from the outset. We had to occupy a Citydev building, to force the negotiation and signature of a convention for the 12,000m2 (located at 38 rue de Koninck) which now houses most of the former occupants of the Jette squat.

It should be remembered that our actions of solidarity requisitions are direct actions, which put us at legal and repressive risk. If – faced with their inaction – we are obliged to do their job, the public authorities could at least have the decency to keep quiet!

Dear public authorities, you had nothing to do! You are congratulating yourselves and reappropriating the actions of struggle that you are not carrying out, they are the ones that contribute to the assertion of people’s rights. Our wish is not a recognition of the Campaign, but rather that consequent political choices be made for the right to housing and the regularization of undocumented migrants. Our ultimate wish would be that there should be no need to exist, and that what is said today in the press should be a reality and not just political opportunism.

Enough lies and non-action; let’s reaffirm what we are fighting for!

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