Lecce: Binario68 evicted, ex post office occupied

Binario 68, an eclectic squat born in March 2014 in a huge disused tobacco factory in the suburbs of Lecce, was evicted by cops and Digos in the early hours of Wednesday 2nd September. After a year and a half of initiatives, meetings, talks, concerts, parties, exhibitions, tattoo circuses and other activities, the occupiers were thrown out of their home by the usual bastards in uniform, but not before resisting till the end.

A spontaneous demo through the centre of the town, a confrontation with the mayor of Lecce in the corridors of the town hall, a lot of noise and rubbish bins upturned on pavements following the intervention of the cops, as many people arrived in solidarity from all over the province. The day ended with the occupation of another abandoned building, just to show how the Binario 68 squatters, however varied a group they are, don’t like the city of Lecce, its luxury shops and restaurants, prudish citizens, political leaders, radical chic leftists, historic centre transformed into a disgusting shop window for rich shoppers, cops, cameras, fascists, and so on. [Read More]

London: Demonstration, Grow Heathrow in Court

201509_london_demonstration_Grow_Heathrow_in_CourtDear Friends,

We have a court case approaching. Lewdown Holdings Limited (registered in the British Virgin Islands . . . .), at their antics again, are attempting to remove us from the community project that you and we have worked together to establish for five and a half years. We are going to court to defend “the backlands”, and it is possible that an eviction notice will be served, putting the whole of Grow Heathrow under threat of immediate eviction.

Although the land under question is designated green belt land, the owners have submitted a planning application for the Sipson Village Garden Centre site (ref 67666/APP/2015/2413) which shows no intention of maintaining the land for agricultural use.

A solidarity demonstration has been organised to show support for the defendants, gathering from 9:00 outside Uxbridge County Court on Thursday 17th September. [Read More]

Amsterdam: De Overval, protest against the eviction

20150914_De_Overval_AmsterdamCome out to De Overval, Prins Hendrikkade 138, Amsterdam, to give a big warm sloppy old fashioned welcome to mr. Deurwaarder (the bailiff)! Let’s say ‘hi’, and make sure we say ‘bye’ to them too.
There’s coffee and tea and a rain cover, and actually the rain isn’t real too. Solidarity and resistance are! See you on the street.

Update 12:24 The police came by this morning and left after a few minutes! They did not announce a new eviction date but we will keep you posted. Everybody is still welcome for a delayed breakfast, with freeshop and music on the street!!!
Kraken gaat door!
Update 24/09/2015 De overval got evicted yesterday. Nobody was arrested.

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Italy: Either we cross, or nobody will. No Borders action in Ventimiglia

A No Borders Camp has been happening on the Franco-Italian border since June, when the French government shut the border to refugees without travel documents or legal status.

From the camp’s website:

The No Border Camp of Ventimiglia started on the 11th of June, when a group of migrant moved on the rocks in order to resist the police eviction, identification and continue to struggle for their freedom. A group of migrant moved on the rocks in order to resist the police eviction, identification and continue to struggle for their freedom. From that day solidarity networks from different territories have been working to build a permanent laboratory of resistance to repressive politics we see in action on borders. [Read More]

Den Haag: De Vloek evicted: Convict the repression! Freedom for the ‘Vloek 5’!

Five of the 10 activist who have been arrested last Wednesday for defending De Vloek against eviction will be held in custody until their court case on the 23th of September. Yesterday they have been spread over five different jails throughout the country.

The ‘Vloek 5’ are suspected of violating the anti-squatting law (art. 138a) and of public violence (art. 141). A sixth anonymous person eventually got identified and was brought before the ‘super-fast-court’ and got a 500 euro fine (of which 250 euro conditionally and 100 euro deduction because of its detention of 2 days) for breaking the anti-squatting law, and has now been released. The other people were released Thursday evening with a summons, just in time for them to join the noise demonstration which was held in front of the police station for those still in custody. [Read More]

Donostia: Kortxoenea, Manifest self-management and resistance

Five years ago the Youth Assembly and different neighbours from Gros decided to occupy an old cork-manufacturing factory. We did it in response to a great need we had in our neighborhood: a self-managed and diverse cultural facility. Five years later Kortxoenea Gaztetxea is a meeting point for different cultural and political groups, music bands and theatre companies.
We can see a clear clash between two ways of understanding culture. In less than 4 months San Sebastian will become the European Capital of Culture, and we think it is a seriours error from the City Council to demolish such a cultural space. We would like to denounce the speculative and elitist policy the City Council is implementig in cultural and social areas. They are conducting house evictions while more than 11.000 flats are still empty. The same week they are opening Tabakalera (a cultural facility costing +50M€), the same year they have brought back the bloody bull-fighting, they are trying to demolish our Gaztetxe to build luxury appartments without offering any solution for us. [Read More]

Den Haag: De Vloek is being evicted. 10 people arrested

De Vloek is being evicted right now, some photos and a timeline here. Watch a live feed here:

06:45 Riotcops drive into the street
07:13 Water canon is throwing water on the roof, and almost hits the people.
07:15 More Riotcops are arriving
07:30 Riotcops are waiting to start the eviction. Riotcops are attacking the front wall with a bulldozer
07:40 Riotcops are starting to cut through the roof [Read More]

London: Update from Sweets Way eviction resistance

There was a second night of clashes between occupiers and security thugs “Dorman & Co” on Saturday night / Sunday morning. One occupier was arrested early on Sunday morning, but released on Sunday afternoon without charge. The situation is tense and occupiers are still expecting a major eviction attempt with riot police that could come any time (from Monday 7 September). More support is welcome.

Meanwhile, Sweets Way campaigners will also accompany Mostafa, the last remaining tenant, to a meeting with the council (Barnet Homes) today at 1PM. See here for details. [Read More]

London: Sweets Way to the barricades!

A big showdown is brewing at the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, North London. High court bailiffs and cop reinforcements are preparing to swoop on the estate in a major operation to clear those defending the homes and fighting social cleansing.
Already things have started getting heavy, as a new firm of security thugs (“Dorman & Co”) arrived yesterday and starting attacking people last night.
But the squatters are ready to resist. Numbers are growing, and the heart of the estate is now barricaded off. They are calling for support: get down this weekend to build and reinforce the barricades and prepare for action.
The eviction is expected any time from Monday. Below we post a new call-out from the occupiers. See also thesweetswayresists blog and you can check their twitter account for updates.
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Calais: demos every day against the border

Across Europe, people without papers are refusing to suffer the brutal border regime. From Hungary to France, people are cutting the fences, blocking trains and roads, occupying train stations and public buildings, self-organising and fighting. In Calais, the pace of struggle is picking up with large scale actions now happening on an every day basis, as well of course as individuals and groups taking on the fences every night. Here are reports from the last two days reposted from Calais Migrant Solidarity. Yesterday (Thursday) a crowd of hundreds blockaded the government’s aid distribution centre, demanding free movement not rotten crumbs of aid. Today the crowd marched into town to confront the politicians. Another big action is planned for tomorrow. [Read More]

Toulouse: The recently repainted Socialist Party premises

Tuesday, August 25 2015 The building of the Departmental Federation of the Socialist Party of Haute-Garonne, in rue Lancefoc, Toulouse, was again the target of damage on the night of Monday to Tuesday.
When they arrived on Tuesday morning, the staff of SP 31, discovered the facade stained with blackish oily liquid and several inscriptions on the walls and gate, including “no evictions” and “solidarity with no papers”. […]
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Hamburg: New case of cop infiltrating ‘Rote Flora’

This is far from being a first … We learn in a statement of August 26, 2015, that a police agent infiltrated the autonomous area and ‘Rote Flora’ between 2009 and 2012. The undercover cop Maria Böhmichen rubbed shoulders with anti-capitalist activists / anarchists during this period and embedded herself in their private spaces. Under the name of “Maria Block”, she has participated in several international mobilizations over recent years, such as during the protests against the UN climate conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2009, during the ‘No Border’ camps on the island of Lesbos (Greece) in 2009 and in Brussels (Belgium) in 2010. [Read More]